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Jun 302015 Gossip

A principios de junio saltaba la noticia en algunos medios franceses. El grupo Provalliance, líder europeo con más de 2.500 salones (500 propios) en 30 países del Globo, 20.000 trabajadores, 25 millones de clientes y un volumen de negocio que alcanza los 950 millones de euros, anunciaba la adquisición de Haircof. Esta última, creada en el año 1973 por José Romero, cuenta en la actualidad con 700 trabajadores y 94 salones bajo las marcas Haircof e Icéane. La cadena dispone de 92 sucursales (80 en Francia y 12 en Polonia) y dos más en franquicia, situadas en centros comerciales. La operación refuerza el liderazgo de Provalliance que aúna las marcas Franck Provost, peluquería de celebrities; Jean Louis David, para un público más joven y urbano; Saint Algue; Fabio Salsa; Maniatis Paris; Niwel, Intermède; Coiff&Co; La Suite Bleue; Interview y las boutiques de esmaltes para uñas Colorii.

Ante semejante baile de cifras, que ya empieza a marear, nos preguntamos dónde queda la peluquería de autor. Es cierto que cada vez se reconoce más el talento y la creatividad de las jóvenes promesas. Las creaciones insólitas de aquellos peluqueros que imprimen un savoir faire propio a su salón. Aquellos estilistas que sorprenden y acaparan los focos con nuevas tendencias en corte y color. Sin embargo, ¿este reconocimiento se queda únicamente en la pasarela? ¿O por el contrario, llega al cliente que llena la caja registradora del salón? ¿Nos limitamos a visitar aquella peluquería cuya marca nos es conocida? Son preguntas que abren un nuevo debate y que seguro tienen un montón de puntos de vista a analizar. Una cosa está clara, la peluquería es imagen pero también negocio, inspiración y rentabilidad. Variables a tener en cuenta y no siempre medibles en términos económicos. ¿Qué valoran nuestros clientes cuando acuden a la peluquería de confianza?

Read on Beautymarket.es

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Jun 302015 Gossip

Domenica 7 e lunedì 8 giugno si è svolto a Lima il top event annuale che ha richiamato più di trecento acconciatori della Community DAVINES, provenienti da ogni parte dell’America Latina: HOS (Hair On Stage). Non solo moda capelli, ma anche condivisione di esperienze, di idee e progetti. Oltre trecento gli acconciatori che hanno partecipato con calore ed entusiasmo ai vari momenti in cui Hair On Stage si è declinato. Applauditissime le performances delle tre guest star: Brian Suhr, Allilon e Samuel Rocher.

Per la prima volta nella storia della HOS America Latina, l’evento ha ospitato anche il World Style Contest, selezione del miglior stilista Davines in America Latina, dopo il confronto fra tutti i finalisti. Il palmarès più prestigioso (Best Cut e Best Stylist) è andato al giovanissimo peruviano Flavio Sanchez

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Jun 302015 Gossip

alternative hair

The 33rd Alternative Hair Show
will take place on 11th October 2015,
returning once again to the splendour
of the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, London.

The show’s now presenting creative teams !
• Alan Edwards (UK)
• Andrew Collinge (UK)
• Anne Veck (UK)
• Carlo Bay (Italy)
• Class (Italy)
• Dimitry Vinukurov (Russia)
• E Salon (Australia)
• Fehringer (Austria)
• Gogen (Italy)
• Kohsuke Visual Network (Japan)
• Klaus Peter Ochs (Germany)
• Lazlo Hajas (Hungary)
• Mario Krankl (Austria)
• Paul Stafford (UK)
• Babicz (Poland)
• Robert Cromeans (USA)
• Rossa Danagher (Ireland)
• Saco (UK) • Sanrizz (UK)
• TIGI Creative Team (UK)

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Jun 302015 Gossip

Ucha HairUcha HairUcha Hair Ucha Hair

He has been working as a hair stylist for eleven years, and he is the owner of hair salon UCHA HAIR in Belgrade, Serbia, through which he has been actively collaborating with photographers, stylists and make up artists during preparation of fashion editorials, as well as texts with step-by-step instructions for fashion magazines in Serbia and surrounding countries. In addition to that, his creations can be seen in music videos, theatre performances, fashion shows, as well as in performances of his associates that he has been helping in recent years.

Hair: Ucha Hair – SRB
Collection: Desert Bush
Ph: Pedja Ivkovic
Make-up: Ena Jovic
Model: Lenka Dmitrovic

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Jun 302015 Gossip

rose oil

The “Bulgarian rose oil” is an essential oil obtained by distillation of rose petals from Rosa Damascena. The specific distinctive qualities of the Bulgarian rose oil are its rich and lasting aroma, pale yellow-green colour, as well as a balanced composition of volatiles and hydrocarbons. Since October 2014, the protected geographical indication (PGI) acknowledges the fact that these characteristics are closely related to the geography of the area and differentiate it from rose oil produced in other parts of the world. Because of its high price, rose oil has often been faked. But savvy Bulgarian producers have now found a way to guarantee its authenticity. Last October, after a nine-year application process, producers managed to get the name “Bulgarian Rose Oil” registered on the list of EU products of protected geographical indication and designation of origin.

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Jun 302015 Gossip

Anthony Standing & Rudy Rizzo @ SanrizzAnthony Standing & Rudy Rizzo @ SanrizzAnthony Standing & Rudy Rizzo @ SanrizzAnthony Standing & Rudy Rizzo @ Sanrizz

The Cuts: Sculpted shapes, exaggerated dual lengths and wearable styles for the perfect Mr. Rizzo gent, influenced by London street style.
The Colours: Matte cool blonde and ashen brown.

Hair: Anthony Standing & Rudy Rizzo @ Sanrizz – UK
Collection Wall Street
Ph: Luis Vidal
Make-up: Lee Pearson
Fashion Styling: Sabina Emrit

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Jun 292015 Gossip

Fellowship of british hairdressing

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing celebrated the work of its outgoing President ERROL DOUGLAS and welcomed in new President BRUNO MARC GIAMATTEI at its 2015 President’s Night, held at central London venue 8 Northumberland Avenue.

Errol treated guests to a retrospective of his work with a catwalk show called Beauty Through The Decades, before his two years as president. He said of his replacement: "Under Bruno’s leadership we can only soar higher". The night saw several people honoured for their contribution to the Followship, including chancellor Karine Jacksonm awarded the Fellowship’s first Badge of Honour, while Bruno was recognised for his commitment to the FAME Team. Chairman Hellen Ward was awarded the Fellowship’s first ribbon of office for her "sheer commitment" to the Fellowship.

Sharing the evening with the Fellowship was hairdressing charity HABB, with president David Drew presenting awards to deserving industry fundraising including Haley Martin, who was presented with the HABB President’s Award for her work with cancer patients, and Chloe Mouser, who was presented with the HABB Humanitarian Award. David also used the occasion to remind everyone of the forthcoming National Hairdressers Day June 26. Speaking at the end of the evening, incoming president Bruno said: "I will give one hundred percent commitment to my new role. It is my wish that every hairdresser should experience the Fellowship and what it has to offer".

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Jun 292015 Gossip


On monday 15th june 2015 SANRIZZ ACADEMY hosted over 80 hairdressers for an unforgettable afternoon immersed in creativity and inspiration in an inizitive called “colour platform “ The event, organized by SANRIZZ and DEBBIE DIGBY, the SENS. ÙS UK distributor, was also attended by LUIGI MARTINI artistic director and GIACOMO ZANELLI technical team and SUSAN CAMPBELL, SENS. ÙS global marketing director visiting from the head office in Italy. The special venue was SANRIZZ ACCADEMY in Brunswick Centre, wc1 hosted by Tony Rizzo. The show started with JUDE RIZZO, The SENS.ÙS UK Ambassador, who presented beautiful pre-coloured models in a 45 minute polished solo presentation explaining in her solitary sophisticated style, the work that SHE and her SENS.ÙS UK team (headed by Brittany Newbry) had been prepared on her models… a stunning performance finishing the models’ look with interesting styling proposals using SENS. ÙS TAB>U styling and finishing products. Then an interesting new accessory was demonstrated by Alessandro Abei who presented the new “Fredom-Color” system by Gogen. A high performance tool with a particular map that permits to create new technical colour which is repeatable every time due to the mapping system. Then the Sanrizz team took to the stage Sharon Cox, Laura Ford and Rudi Rizzo demonstrating the latest cutting and colouring “ GEO METALLIC & BATIK Collections “ The show closed with a wonderful performance by three hairdressers from the new talent team (Chiara Pirrone, Bruna Viola, Angelo Cipriani) who’s work and passion received standing ovation. The grand finale was moving and emotional .. a great afternoon of networking and stimulation, spurring all salon owners to get back to their salons to interpret the work for their bespoke clients. Photo by Alastair Gourley.


Lunedì 15 giugno 2015 la SANRIZZ ACADEMY ha ospitato oltre 80 parrucchieri per un indimenticabile pomeriggio immerso nella creatività e nell’ispirazione in un’iniziativa chiamata “Colour Platform”. All’evento, organizzato da SANRIZZ e DEBBIE DIGBY, distributore SENS.ÙS nel Regno Unito, hanno partecipato anche il direttore artistico LUIGI MARTINI, GIACOMO ZANELLI del team tecnico e SUSAN CAMPBELL, SENS.ÙS Global Marketing Director, dall’Italia. La speciale location è stata la Sanrizz Accademy nel Centro di Brunswick, diretta da Tony Rizzo. Lo show è iniziato con Jude Rizzo, l’ambasciatrice di Sens.ùs nel Regno Unito, che ha presentato le sue bellissime creazioni fatte utilizzando SENS.ÙS TAB>U come prodotti per lo styling e il finishing. È seguita la dimostrazione di Alessandro Abei by Gogen, il quale ha presentato il nuovo sistema “Freedom-Color”: uno strumento con una particolare guida che permette un nuovo sistema di applicazione del colore. Poi il team Sanrizz ha portato sul palco l’ultima collezione di taglio e colore di Sanrizz “Geo Metallic & Batik Collection”. Lo show si è concluso con una performance spettacolare di tre parrucchieri del nuovo talent team (Chiara Pirrone, Bruna Viola e Angelo Cipriani) i quali con il loro lavoro e la loro passione hanno ottenuto una standing ovation. Photo: Alastair Gourley

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Jun 292015 Gossip

WestrowWestrowWestrow Westrow

Westrow WestrowWestrowWestrow

Steve Rowbottom, Creative Director of Westrow, has unveiled his latest collection – Envision. “Taking inspiration from structure and form, I used precision techniques to create strong, geometric shapes utilising discreet panels of colour to create a multi-dimensional collection.”

Hair: Steve Rowbottom @ Westrow – UK
Collection: Envision
Ph: Ian Harding
Make-up: Sam Collins
Styling: Emma Rowbottom
Art Direction: Emma Rowbottom

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Jun 292015 Gossip


The European cosmetics industry has returned to growth in 2014, with sales rising by +0.5% in value, according to figures from Cosmetics Europe, compared to a decrease of 1.4% in 2013. Figures released at the Cosmetics Europe General Assembly show that the European cosmetics and personal care market has remained resilient in 2014, despite a tough economic climate. With a +0.5% growth, the European industry is showing signs of recovery. Germany remains the main market in Europe (13,12 billion euros), followed by France (10,58 billion euros), the United Kingdom (10,40 billion euros) and Italy (9,39 billion euros).Regarding external trade, France remains the largest exporter of cosmetics.According to Cosmetics Europe, the European cosmetics and personal care industry employs approximately 1,700,000 people including 25,000 scientists. Over the past five years, the industry has been able to grow direct and indirect employment by 2.3% or more than 39.000 workplaces.

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