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Mar 292013 Gossip

Showing Art Deco’s hallmark traits of extravagance and exoticism, these models with their shiny smooth bobs or loosely dressed curls are all set for a voyage of seductive glamour.

Bland - Carton

Bland - CartonBland - CartonBland - Carton

Hair: Nick Bland, Esti Carton @ Haringtons Soho
Photography: Laurence Edny, Wolfgang Mustain
Make-up: Phyllis Cohen
Clothes: Karen Binns

Mar 292013 Gossip

The Rock Sensual Collection is a flamboyant amalgamation of 1970s glam rock, pre war 30s cabaret, the cult classic pop sci-fi movie, the Fifth Element and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.



Hair: Mahogany Creative Team
Photo: Andrew Ogilvy
Make-up: Laura Louise
Colour: Tai Walker, Lottie Petch
Clothes Styling: Chloe Holland

Mar 282013 Gossip


L’atteso appuntamento annuale con i KEMON Days si è svolto il 24 e 25 Marzo al PalaRiccione. Hanno animato la serata musica, moda e professionalità. Oltre 2000 persone hanno applaudito alcuni dei più importanti Hairstylists internazionali come Carlo Bay (Italia), Smart&Style (Italia), Duca’s (Italia), Marzio Giunti con Mentor Group (Italia, Taiwan, Cina, Canada e USA), Rock&RollHair (UK).

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Mar 262013 Gossip

Adduce combines and embodies the flexibility in modern hair trends displaying a variety of strong yet feminine looks.

Tracey Hughes

Tracey HughesTracey HughesTracey HughesTracey HughesTracey Hughes

Hair: Tracey Hughes and the Mieka Hairdressing Team
Photography: Nicole Corbett
Make-up: Katherine Minty @ Mieka Hairdressing
Fashion Stylist: Bianca Cristoff

Mar 262013 Gossip

Black and white imagery set against a fierce and fiery red background and refereces to popular culture of past and present decades used to onfluence hair design and technicality, bring POP, to life.

Lisa Muscat

Lisa MuscatLisa MuscatLisa MuscatLisa MuscatLisa Muscat

Hair: Lisa Muscat for é SALON
Photo: Paul Scala
Make-up: Victoria Baron

Mar 262013 Gossip

NEO LINEAR is a collection dominated by new lines and the way that lines interact with colour. Colour and shapes both work in unison to characterize the real strenght found in the haircuts.

Emiliano Vitale

Emiliano VitaleEmiliano VitaleEmiliano VitaleEmiliano VitaleEmiliano Vitale

Hair: Emiliano Vitale for é SALON
Photo: Paul Scala
Make-up: Clare Read

Mar 252013 Gossip

Soft and shiny, seem like a velvet, hair full of life invite to discover a new collection of Petra Měchurová. Hair design in many different shapes, colours and different textures charms by its master touch and refined style. Dive into deep of long hair with chameleon-like changing effect, long bob with hair flying around, or admire sharpely shaped short hair with a long fringe in movement. Colours are a game and fusion of shades, imitation of nature but here in a refined tones delicately flowing in the hair. This colour effect underlines the beauty of hair whatever the style of hair, in move or smoothed. Whatever the lenght, the hair is always very feminine, strong and self confident.

Petra Mechurova

Petra MechurovaPetra Mechurova

Hair: Petra Měchurová
Photograph: Anna Mrázek-Kovačič
Make-up: Markéta Šimrová
Styling: Jan Pokorný

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