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May 282020 Gossip
Bernat Sayol  International Hairstylist

This collection is a journey through the life cycle of a woman. Each image represents a stage, from childhood to maturity. With very versatile cuts, loaded with technique and precision, the collection’s creator highlights the illusion of childhood, the rebelliousness of adolescence, the sobriety of maturity and the calmness of old age.

Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz
Stylist: Salones CV


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May 282020 Gossip

Find put the latest hair collection, called “19.1”, made by “ ALBERTO MANCHADO – IONE ERICE ” international hairstylist from ES



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May 282020 Gossip

Ricrea a casa il look di Saccucci’s Masterclass, Salone di Roma eletto tra i TOP HAIRSTYLISTS 2020, grazie alla nuova piastra a vapore STEAMPOD 3.0

saccucci masterclass

Red color By Marco Saccucci / Hair Angelodipasca

100% liscio o ondulato
in poco tempo
e senza danneggiare la fibra del capello,
grazie a Steampod 3.0 

Ricrea a casa
il look di Saccucci’s Masterclass
grazie alla nuova piastra a vapore
di L’Oréal Professionnel #steampod

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May 282020 Gossip

Cutting hair is the staple of every stylist’s working week!

hob academy

How many cutting techniques do you use?
According to four-times British Hairdresser of the Year, Akin Konizi from HOB Salons, there are five main methods every hairdresser should know
. “Using the right cutting techniques can add movement and dimension to a hairstyle. Once you know the right techniques to use, you can create any shape or texture. It’s about using the right techniques to help you develop your cutting skills.”

The five cutting methods every hairdresser should know.

1 Layering
The most important technique but often the most underestimated. Good layering helps you create the material for all your shapes. You can use it for every shape, texture and hair type.

2 Graduation
Graduation is used to build up weight, with geometric lines either with or without tension and will form the outline of any shape you create.

3 Reverse Graduation
This is the best kept secret in hairdressing! It’s the opposite of each section getting shorter; each section is getting longer. It was used a lot in the 80s to create hard, strong geometry. The modern version is to use it on one-length styles. Use it on one-length styles to combat graduation.

4 Texturising
Texturising isn’t taken seriously enough. It’s about cutting shorter lengths into your longer lengths to create an internal shape in your haircut that will work as a structure to your styles. Sometimes it will give a softening effect, or it can be used to thin out the hair. Texturising offers a whole world of possibilities and potentials by manipulating weight.

5 Precision Cutting
Precision cutting is not just for geometry. It’s how I do all my cuts, it’s about doing your work precisely; if it’s a messy haircut, you still cut it with precision. If you want to create texture or choppiness, you still use precision.


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May 272020 Gossip

The nominees for HJ’s coveted British Hairdresser of the Year award have been announced – showcasing the wealth of talent and unshakeable passion within British hairdressing


This year Adam Reed, Angelo Seminara, Cos Sakkas, Darren Ambrose, Errol Douglas, Eugene Souleiman, Gary Hooker & Michael Young (Hooker & Young), Richard Ashforth, Robert Eaton and Sally Brooks wowed the British hairdressing industry, resulting in their nomination for the coveted title. This top ten received the closest voting cluster ever recorded in the award’s history, resulting in more nominees than ever before.

Nominated by top-tier hairdressers, influencers and UK and international press for their professional reputation, creative vision and their ability to act as an ambassador for British hairdressing, Executive Director of Hairdressers Journal International, Jayne Lewis Orr, said:

“British hairdressing has certainly faced its greatest ever challenge this year. It has been a testing time for us all and I have been so impressed with, but not surprised by, the industry’s continued professionalism, resilience and creativity. The British Hairdresser of the Year title has been the most sought-after for more than three decades. This year especially, it is recognition of the stylists at the forefront of this thriving, talented and professional community. The award not only cements the careers of exceptional hairdressers but consistently raises standards across our industry year-on-year.”

Since its inception in 1985, the title of HJ British Hairdresser of the Year has transformed exceptional stylists into either dynamic household names or meteoric hairdressing careers, previous winners include Trevor Sorbie, John Frieda, Umberto Giannini, Nicky Clarke, Charles Worthington, Antoinette Beenders, Beverley C and Sally Brooks to name a few.

The winner will be announced on Monday 30th November 2020 at JW Marriott Grosvenor House, Park Lane, alongside the winners in six specialist categories and nine regional categories, on the biggest night in the hairdressing calendar.

HJ’s 2020 British Hairdresser of the Year nominees:

  • Adam Reed, session stylist and salon owner, a colourful, skilful character bridging consumer and hairdressing worlds
  • Angelo Seminara, four times winner and one of the most captivating and original hair stylists of our time
  • Cos Sakkas, third time nominee, an artistic talent and a legend within Toni & Guy
  • Darren Ambrose, previous British Hairdresser of the Year winner 2015, a leader within session styling and hairdressing alike
  • Errol Douglas, MBE, honoured by Her Majesty the Queen for services to hairdressing, multiple award winner and hairdressing superstar
  • Eugene Souleiman, no words other than Eugene is a session stylist extraordinaire
  • Gary Hooker and Michael Young, (Hooker & Young) 12th consecutive nomination of British Hairdressers of the Year and hairdressing’s most famous duo, stage-stars, creative inspiration and talented educators
  • Richard Ashforth, first time nomination, well renowned in the hairdressing industry for his directional, forward thinking ideas, his belief in simplicity and commitment to beauty
  • Rob Eaton, current British Hairdresser of the Year 2019 andone of the most current and renowned colourists of the moment
  • Sally Brooks, two times winner ofBritish Hairdresser of the Year (2017 & 2018), Sally is a global stage and creative star, renowned hairdresser and a national hero following her hairdressing documentary that is reaching educationalists and parents across the UK.
Rob Eaton Winner 2019
Rob Eaton – British Hairdressers Award Winner 2019

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May 272020 Gossip

Solemar una nuova linea di solari INEBRYA 100% Vegan con tecnologia Color Protection

SOLEMAR, formulata con Filtro Solare (UV) e estratto di Agave, è composta da tre must have, presentando una gamma compatta ma completa:

  • Sun Protection Spray è lo spray condizionante protettivo senza risciacquo, che preserva il colore cosmetico senza appesantire, assicurando la massima protezione durante l’esposizione solare. grazie alla tecnologia COLOR PROTECTION, funziona come un vero e proprio scudo contro gli agenti esterni, dando la massima efficacia contro lo sbiadimento del colore.
  • After Sun Shampoo dalla fragranza marina, grazie alla sua formula extra delicata, è adatto a tutti i tipi di capelli e può essere usato anche sul corpo.
  • After Sun Mask caratterizzata da intense note iodate, la maschera restituisce corposità, lucentezza e morbidezza al capello senza appesantire.

La linea è 100% Vegan, una caratteristica che accompagna tutti gli ultimi lanci di trattamenti di Inebrya.

Per maggiori informazioni info@globelife.com

Background vector created by vectorpouch – www.freepik.com

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May 272020 Gossip
Jose Urrutia  International Hairstylist

Daring, adventurous, confident, the characteristics of the youth who make their way through the city at night. Taking in all that the city has to offer, these guys are game for anything. Short, thickly cropped hair, with differing frontal effects are the features of this collection.

Ph: Jose Urrutia
Make-up: Peluquería Jose Urrutia
Stylist: Peluquería Jose Urrutia


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