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Jun 302015 Gossip

alternative hair

The 33rd Alternative Hair Show
will take place on 11th October 2015,
returning once again to the splendour
of the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, London.

The show’s now presenting creative teams !
• Alan Edwards (UK)
• Andrew Collinge (UK)
• Anne Veck (UK)
• Carlo Bay (Italy)
• Class (Italy)
• Dimitry Vinukurov (Russia)
• E Salon (Australia)
• Fehringer (Austria)
• Gogen (Italy)
• Kohsuke Visual Network (Japan)
• Klaus Peter Ochs (Germany)
• Lazlo Hajas (Hungary)
• Mario Krankl (Austria)
• Paul Stafford (UK)
• Babicz (Poland)
• Robert Cromeans (USA)
• Rossa Danagher (Ireland)
• Saco (UK) • Sanrizz (UK)
• TIGI Creative Team (UK)

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