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Dec 282018 Gossip

happy new year

Tutta la Redazione di GLOBElife

vi augura un Felice Anno Nuovo!


GLOBElife‘s Editorial Board

wish you a Happy New Year!

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Dec 272018 Gossip

Errol Douglas MBE


Shot over three consecutive days, the latest collection of Errol Douglas was driven by a desire to showcase modern editorial hair work through striking imagery. Shot on location in Melbourne, Australia, Errol fused session, salon and Avant Garde techniques to create statement looks that challenge, surprise and inspire, cementing his commitment to the continuous progression of British Hairdressing.

Collection: Infinity
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Kylie O’Toole
Stylist :Melissa Nixon


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Dec 272018 Gossip

A fusion of cult religions from across the globe, the latest collection of Darren is a celebration of timeless beauty and the strength within. Showcasing unforced texture emphasised through shape, movement, light and shadow, styles are brought to life with multi-dimensional colour, graphic lines and exaggerated silhouettes. Paired with layered textiles and flawless skin, the result is dark yet alluring, daring yet angelic.

Collection: Seraphic
Ph: Jenny Hands
Make-up: John Christopher
Stylist: Ann Shore


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Dec 212018 Gossip

doni natalizi

In tema di doni natalizi, solo il 20 % dei giovanissimi dichiara di avere una vera e propria “ansia da regalo”,  mentre un altro 20 % non è per nulla preoccupato: per i restanti, la verita sta nel mezzo.
I canali dove acquistano doni per amici e parenti? 
Nonostante i centennials (la generazione Z, compresa tra il 1995 e il 2013) siano nativi digitali, il 67 % continua a preferire i negozi e solo un terzo opta per l online. Di questi, il 58 % su piattaforme e-commerce e il 42 % direttamente sui siti dei brand.

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Dec 212018 Gossip

Inspired by high-fashion imagery and couture, OPUS showcases the craft of a colourist through the placement of innovative and vivid colour palettes, onto a varied range of styles and textures to create a bold, high contrast visual.

Collection: Opus
Ph: Chris Bulezuik
Make-up: Katie Moore and Georgina Scholtz
Stylist: Jackie Ambrose
Hair Color: Clayde Baumann


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Dec 202018 Gossip

Stevo Hair Academy


INFLUENCE Collection touches the environment with its image, looks, style. The collection is inspired by the 80s and 90s, shaped in the spirit of current trends, a modern woman who exudes elegance, femininity, freedom of hair movement and sophistication of color shades. Hair scrubbing is precise, geometrically, the hair is divided into thinner sections, the lengths are individualized, with longer front parts. Colors are a fusion of warm blond tones, copper, pastel and red shades that are monochromatic, or flow from one to another with strands and freehand techniques.

Collection: Influence


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