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Apr 202018 Gossip

Maria-Rosa Salemi


Warm shades are in vogue. The effect that inspired this collection is Depth: the darker root, which harmonizes with the brighter lengths, makes it possible to illuminate their faces and bring relief to the different hairstyles made. The golden blonde dominates one, while it brings a touch of light in others.

Collection: Depth Gold
Ph: Daniel Pister
Make-up: Lisa Wilhelm


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    Apr 172018 Gossip

    The Maverick imagery has a high fashion, editorial finish, and while the styling is uniform, unique and abstract, colours and cuts are in the spotlight. Each model has a subtle deviant side representing their desire to break the generic mould and stand out from the crowd.

    Collection: Maverick
    Ph: David Mannah
    Make-up: Lauren Sina
    Styling: Melissa Nixon


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      Apr 162018 Gossip

      Mahogany Creative Team


      Boho Grandeur draws inspiration from the early 20th Century Bohemian group of intellectuals, philosophers and artists known as the Bloomsbury Set, amalgamated with a bow to the iconic 1982 sci-fi cult movie Blade Runner. Incorporating cutting techniques of internal disconnection and sporadic texturing, forming idiosyncratic silhouettes. With a light wheat blonde as a canvas, colour is placed encapsulating luminosity with shadow. Soft mulberry marries in harmony with reflects of opal.

      Collection: Boho Grandeur
      Ph: Nessi
      Make-up: Marco Antonio
      Styling: Ina Lekiewicz


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