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Jun 292015 Gossip

Fellowship of british hairdressing

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing celebrated the work of its outgoing President ERROL DOUGLAS and welcomed in new President BRUNO MARC GIAMATTEI at its 2015 President’s Night, held at central London venue 8 Northumberland Avenue.

Errol treated guests to a retrospective of his work with a catwalk show called Beauty Through The Decades, before his two years as president. He said of his replacement: "Under Bruno’s leadership we can only soar higher". The night saw several people honoured for their contribution to the Followship, including chancellor Karine Jacksonm awarded the Fellowship’s first Badge of Honour, while Bruno was recognised for his commitment to the FAME Team. Chairman Hellen Ward was awarded the Fellowship’s first ribbon of office for her "sheer commitment" to the Fellowship.

Sharing the evening with the Fellowship was hairdressing charity HABB, with president David Drew presenting awards to deserving industry fundraising including Haley Martin, who was presented with the HABB President’s Award for her work with cancer patients, and Chloe Mouser, who was presented with the HABB Humanitarian Award. David also used the occasion to remind everyone of the forthcoming National Hairdressers Day June 26. Speaking at the end of the evening, incoming president Bruno said: "I will give one hundred percent commitment to my new role. It is my wish that every hairdresser should experience the Fellowship and what it has to offer".

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Welcome New President !”

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