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Sep 292011 Gossip
Intercharm 2011
Sabato 25 settembre: all’interno dei tre giorni di InterCHARM Milano 2011, la fiera della bellezza, nell’ambito dello show benefico firmato ALTERNATIVE HAIR, si è svolta una spettacolare sessione di education grazie a tre maestri internazionali dell’hairstyle: RICHARD ASHFORTH, GERRY SANTORO e TONY RIZZO. I "Great Masters" hanno mostrato ad una platea gremita ed attenta le ultime tendenze delle loro collezioni: tagli di precisione anglosassone, asimmetrie e giochi di extensions per i tre grandi maestri dell’hairstyle che hanno fatto per beneficenza della loro professionalità spettacolo.
Cliccando scoprirete le immagini dei Great Masters.
Intercharm 2011
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Jun 202011 Gossip
BSG World Festival
Passarela BSG World brings 16 national and international renowed hairstylists to Brasil
On 4Th June, at Curitiba, Brazil, happened the second edition of the Passarela BSG World, an event that brought together 16 teams of hairstylists from from England, Spain, Chile, Argentina, USA, France, Italy, Brazil, Australia and German for the sake of beauty and solidarity. On stage were shown trends to hair and make-up, all pointing to elements that have everything to become a success also in the streets. These professionals are a success in the majors international fashion weeks and already won important awards like The AIPP Grand Trophy Awards.
BSG World FestivalAlberto Godoy: the Argentine has made clear his preference for using them in braids hairstyles artistic arrested and cokes. Another hallmark of his presentation was on the fringes special colored in shades such as pink, purple and orange.
BSG World FestivalBruno Barbeyrol: the recycling theme of the show’s stylist French, was used in the costumes and arrangements in the heads of willing models. These colors represented the fantasy and unpredictable ways, such as those propagated worldwide by singer Lady Gaga, who has already used up a phone as a hat.
BSG World FestivalCarlo Bay: the merged classic wedding hairstyles like buns and tufts with braids, giving them a more modern concept. It was also clearly made the play with textures (large flat base and trim, for example).
BSG World FestivalCreative Team: the trendy rocker fell in love the Brazilian team and was operated properly. Starting with a mohawk in a beautiful shade of blond with dark roots and ultraclaro very apparent. It undercut the fashion, very popular today, ultimately conquering the world of coiffure.
BSG World FestivalGemis: the team focused on his show details such as undercut, side fringes, edges and faded red streaks. The latter were used in a hairstyle similar ways to the character of Princess Leia, Star Wars.
BSG World FestivalJunior Queirós:some strands were fancy colors such as green, pink, purple and blue, lending a bolder cut to go there for shopping. Tres chic copings gave the final touch.
BSG World FestivalKai Steeg: with his models draped in lacy costumes, the hair showed a German parade entirely conceptual. Large structures built with frayed wires prevailed. Semipresos hairstyles like buns and ponytails were used, but also in unconventional ways and accompanying accessories.
BSG World FestivalGil: with both feet on african culture, hairstyles were characterized by arrangements made with Nago braids and big rings. One of the looks and bulky, and completely shredded with blond extensions was decorated with African motifs. Special attention to the makeup, done in shades of red and black especially around the eyes.
BSG World FestivalMauricio Morelli: dressed in bright costumes, models of the hairdresser showed a profusion of curls, soft and some other well-structured. The colors were a special attraction: combinations of black with brown, blond average crystal-clear, all adequadíssimos the proposal.
BSG World FestivalOlivier Mazzon: the girls of high society were portrayed by the French hairstylist in his presentation. Beautiful and with a deliciously snooty, they came with short wires set in a slight punk attitude – highlighted by purple strands and frayed wires -. Not left out the classic chanel semipreso and waves.
BSG World FestivalPino Troncone: the Italian brought the Catwalk BSG World diagonal fringes, popular in the fashion collections in Milan Along with them, unconnected lengths, curly bicolor (in shades of black and brown) and large structures avant-garde, sometimes pure white, sometimes multicolored .
BSG World Festival Leonardo Rocco: amid the avant-garde looks hairstylist, commercial elements that are in a sense everybody shouted. Ombre hair well marked, and internal locks on the fringes, and multitone color 3D models were in the hair, which rose to Catwalk BSG World with a make-up look at everything and all mouth, “as it said the fall-winter 2011.
BSG World Festivalé Salon: the english team has taken over the short fringe of different formats (with the center pointed or cut diagonally) and used them in two looks: one side with short hair and the other with the triangular shape of a skirt, colored in horizontal stripes.
BSG World FestivalSamuel Rubio: again the visual effects stole the show. In the show’s hairstylist, wardrobe and makeup neon, accompanying her hair created a gala postmodern. Again, many accompanied accessories hair, very tall and marked with many divisions. To give an extra volume, extensions were not saved.
BSG World FestivalSelvaggio Team : who likes symmetry, sighed by the hair created by Italian hairstylists. In most short and rounded, they left the neck and had to show neat rows, with cuts in both layers as those without it.
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Apr 222011 Gossip
È partita dalla Sicilia la presentazione della collezione primavera/estate 2011 organizzata da IT&LY HAIRFASHION. L’evento si è svolto nella splendida cornice di Castellammare del Golfo ed è stato curato dall’hairstylist Massimiliano Pinton e dal suo staff. Il prossimo appuntamento sarà ad Enna, il 9 maggio, quando verranno presentate le evoluzioni tecniche per la moda mare 2011.
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Apr 112011 Gossip
Show Intermoda RIZOS 2011: Pura expresión artística
Rizos celebró los días 5 y 6 de marzo la 37 edición del SHOW INTERMODA RIZOS 2011 en el emblemático Teatro Lope de Vega de Madrid y lo hizo con un espectáculo impresionante, y una puesta en escena única y transgresora. En esta doble jornada dedicada la moda y las tendencias Rizos presentó su colección CODE COLLECTION a nivel mundial e hizo desfilar todas las tendencias de la alta peluquería de la temporada a través de una alfombra roja, en plena Gran Vía madrileña. Durante el SHOW INTERMODA RIZOS 2011 contamos con la presencia de Lorena Bernal, que recibió el galardón Belleza “R” de Rizos y con el que comentó sentirse encantada, así como Elizabeth Reyes, Raquel Rodríguez, María José Suárez, Lola –Directora de la Academia de Fama-, Darek y Julio Iglesias Jr.
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Apr 082011 Gossip
The Tommy’s Hair Company annual Face of the Future search one again attracted hundreds of entries from across Wales and the North of England. The Event saw potential models flood the salon group’s website with images of themselves, all hoping to be crowned Face of the Future and win parte of the £3,000 prize package. The initial 700 entries were whittled down to 300, all of whom had their hair styled by members of the Tommy’s team and were treated to a professional photoshoot. From these, 100 semi-finalists were chosen, all of whom featured in a special supplement in local paper The Daily Post. Readers of the paper voted for their favourite 30 entrants, who went throught to the Grand Final Fashion Show. The Team at Tommy’s salon in Ruthin, North Wales, treated all 30 finalists to a makeover. The eventual winner was Jennalea Cotton, who has already travelled to London to meet with Premier Model Management for a day-long studio session.
facing the future
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Apr 052011 Gossip
È stata inaugurata il 16 marzo
la prima fiera specializzata per Hairstylists
aperta 365 giorni all’anno.
Sei invitato a visitarla: l’ingresso è FREE!!!

On 16th March is born
the first trade fair for Hairstylists
open 365 days a year.
Come and enjoy: FREE entrance!!!


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Apr 042011 Gossip
SFILATE 2011-2012
Hair By:
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