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Dec 212020 Gossip

FRANCESCO STILE, noto salone di Grumello del Monte (Bergamo)
e il suo splendido Team Augurano a tutti voi..

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

Prenota il tuo appuntamento per preparare te e i tuoi capelli
a questi giorni di Festa!

Ti aspettiamo in Salone!

Vi anticipiamo che Francesco Stile è stato selezionato e sarà pubblicato sulla TOPHAIRSTYLISTS-Guida ai migliori parrucchieri d’Italia 2021.

La classifica di questi hairstylists sarà anche pubblicata a Gennaio su Vanity Fair e a Marzo su Vogue


Via Facheris 36
24064 Grumello del Monte (BG)
Tel: 035 4420662
Email: francescostile@globelife.com

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L’articolo Buon Natale ❤️ da FRANCESCO STILE e il suo TEAM! proviene da francescostile.

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@Buon natale @francesco stile
Dec 212020 Gossip

Solo attraverso il cuore e la passione arriva la positività giusta.

Nonostante l’anno particolare e difficile per tutti, la passione ci ha aiutati a proseguire con entusiasmo, pronti ad affrontare il nuovo anno con positività.

Il direttore artistico di Saccucci Masterclass, Angelo Di Pasca, e il suo Team, vi augurano Buon Natale ed un felice anno nuovo!

SACCUCCI Masterclass
Viale Città d’Europa, 857 – ROMA (RM) – Italy
Tel. + 39 06 52200413 – 06 52200386

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@angelo di pasca @saccucci masterclass
Dec 182020 Gossip



Caroline Sanderson is the multi award winning owner of Ego Hair Design and salon coaching academy Salon Jedi, and has been supporting salons globally for 10 years with an array of innovative digital salon business and mindset training courses.

Caroline’s proven coaching method has put numerous salons back on track, releasing salon owners from recurring issues around staffing, negative thoughts and behaviours that hold their business back, and issues with reaching and retaining clients.

Throughout lockdown Caroline supported the hair community with essential free training resources, and she also wrote this book, which has reached number 1 in seven of Amazon’s Bestseller lists!

“Caroline’s perspective on the importance of mindset and her achievable tips for financial success make this book a must for any salon owner.” Errol Douglas MBE

“After reading just one chapter, I’ve gone straight into the salon and made some tweaks. This book has really helped me to refocus and reinforced the benefits of a positive mindset.” Karine Jackson, London Hairdresser of the Year 2007, President of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing 2017-2019

“I, personally, am a big believer in the idea that you can hold yourself back by your own narrative. Caroline explores this concept extensively with some great ideas on how you can challenge and change that.” Jack Howard, award-winning Global Colour Educator and Podcast Host

Written for salon owners struggling to find a way to step off the salon floor and put more energy into growing and building a profitable business, The Salon Jedi contains the industry secrets and success strategies usually reserved exclusively for award-winning salon owner and author Caroline Sanderson’s elite training academy. Now, for the first time ever, Caroline is making that information available to all who need it.

Providing practical and actionable steps to help salon professionals achieve the same results that Caroline and so many of her students have, this book teaches:

MINDSET and why this is the foundation of any strong business

MARKETING and how to use it effectively to grow your business

MANAGEMENT including how to recruit and train an effective team AND increase sales

MAINTENANCE which is essential to experience lasting success.

Endorsed by some of the biggest names in business, Caroline has created a multi-award winning salon and international training academy for salon owners by following what she shares. Her personal story and success demonstrate what is possible. She holds nothing back, even disclosing her own figures and her personal story from single motherhood and struggling to 7-figure business success, so readers can see the exact path she followed and create their own fulfilling future. She urges readers to “Believe in what you’re capable of and take the first steps towards building a more successful salon business.”

Caroline says, “It’s always been my goal to empower salon owners so that they can grow their business and ultimately get off the tools when the time comes – many salon owners are also their salon’s best earners and are stuck behind a chair while the rest of their team underperforms. They can get caught in a cycle where they have no time to allocate to actively improving their business because they’re always with clients.

“My method teaches them how to take control so they have a confident, high earning team who perform across the board. We cover mindset, marketing, training, HR, retail, targets and everything they need to succeed in a tangible time frame.”

CAROLINE SANDERSON, The Salon Jedi: The Big Business Breakthrough For Ambitious Salon Owners, £14.99 (available for less than half price with free event access for a limited time) out now.

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Dec 182020 Gossip

Megan Panozzo and her salon In Awe Salon in Adelaide, South Australia, has unveiled a new space and it is truly a wonderland of colour, texure and artistry!

Originally opening its doors in 2012, In Awe has always evoked a free-spirited feeling, with colour and personality imbuing every aspect of the salon interior, welcoming clients into a space where they could be themselves and feel cherished.

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@Adelaide @Megan Panozzo @South Australia
Dec 172020 Gossip

Find put the Summer 2020 hair collection, made by Erika Dancsó, Hungary

Hair: Dancsó Erika
Coach: Laetitia Guenaou
Photo: Jacek Ura
Backstage photo: Alex Czyba
Stylist: Weronika Wysoczyńska
Make-up: Karolina Supernak
Models: Ewelina Przeworska, Anna Niczyporuk
Assistant: Katarzyna Grabka – Hair Square
Executive Production: Ola Dyras
Production: Dancsó Erika and Laetitia Guenaou


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@Erika Dancsó @hair collection @HU-hairstylist @Summer2020
Dec 172020 Gossip

Hair: Christian Ríos @khrystyan28 @christianriossalon
Photography: Esteban Roca @esteban_roca_photo
Retouching: Esteban Roca
Make up: Nacho Sanz @nachosanzmakeup
Styling: Christian Ríos
Models: Alexis, José, Daniel, Javier

Difference has always been a cause for persecution when times are dark and troubled. When fear takes power, what is outside the norms is seen as a threat.
With this collection, Christian Ríos reviews a black page in our history, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, in which, to the systematic murders of the gay, bisexual and lesbian community of that time, other ethnic and political groups were added.
For this reason, Leben is a tribute to the millions of people who died only because of their sexual orientation, victims of ruthless fanaticism. The tones of the hair reflect the different geographical origins, which together with the different haircuts and volumes show a different essence. Uniforms remind us of a rigid masculinity, a harsh aesthetic in features and hairstyles, with very marked haircuts to harden jaws, which is counteracted by the presence of excessive jewelry.


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@Christian RÍOS @ES Hairstylist @Leben collection
Dec 162020 Gossip

“We wanted to create a collection that celebrates unconventional shapes and textures.”

Hair: Marcello Moccia and Karen Perry at Room 97 Creative, Wakefield and Leeds
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Photographs: Richard Miles


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@Karen Perry @marcello moccia @Room 97 @UK hairstylists
Dec 162020 Gossip

Style defines character and in Mike Taylor’s latest collection he creates five independent looks each with a unique style that reflects a personal character.
Using a one-length, layering graduation, scissor-over-comb and clipper work with added texture and finish, Mike demonstrates the wide ranging work of the contemporary barber.

Hair: Mike Taylor
Photography: Liam Oakes
Make Up: Emily Taylor
Images: FPA


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@Boys of style collection @Mike Taylor @UK hairstylist
Dec 162020 Gossip

Malak explores the rich hues of the blue of the sky and the sea from Málaga, an object of calm to those who observe it. The protagonists are young millennials, whose connecting link is the waves of curly hair in its different variants, even more with the curved geometries that are drawn on their face. The result are volumes and waves that welcome those who look at them, surprising and at the same time soft shapes that reflect a landscape that reaches out through a calm and lively gaze, rich profiles of Mediterranean essence.

Hair: Gema Moreno @ Antonio – Eloy Escuela Profesional
@gema_moren @antonioeloyescuela
Hair Assistant: Fran Sobrino @fran_sobrino_
Photography: Edu Gómez @edugomez
MUA:  Lulú Pérez @_luluperez_
Styling: Álvaro De Olmedo @alvarodolmedo
Models: Alejandro Ibe Ramos @el_aka.lion
Jorge Celedonio Bermejo Antuña @shoutmase
Slavik Spivak @slavik.spivak
Video: Infodelmedia


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