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Jun 112019 Gossip

Debbie G


Gravity Collection explores depth & strength. With a mix of variations in texture, it is both whimsical & yet defined. The hairstylist has created individual looks, the movement is complimented through layers of bespoke colouring techniques. The key to the strength of the images is the combination of strong shapes on models that also have an innocence to them, this creates real depth to each of the looks.

Collection: Gravity
Ph: Kayt Webster-Brown
Make-up: Faye Marie
Colour: Billi Currie Team


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Jun 102019 Gossip

Candice Mckay


The Factory, is a colourful exploration of the 1970’s. The hairstylist’s inspiration came from feeling nostalgic before her fortieth birthday and looking through aged family photographs. These joyful and glamorous images are reminiscent of a far more simple time, where society was less jaded and group actions made large changes in the world. The colour palette is not representative of the faded photographs that spurred the collection but rather a celebration of the original colour influenced by Kodak colour film of the time. The Factory is a celebration of youth and freedom from society’s norms.

Collection: The Factory
Ph: John Rawson @ TRP
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Stylist: Jamie Russell


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Jun 072019 Gossip

Profesional Cosmetics


Power On is a concept based on trends of the late 90s and early 2000s that reminds us of a very Pop Star aesthetic. The colors and hairstyles are characterized by an image very irreverent and out of the ordinary. The conformism and the boring are outside giving steps to striking bicolors and cuts very paraded. The contrasts in longs and colors are the protagonists.

Collection: Power On


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Jun 052019 Gossip

Carlos Valiente


Silk, one of the most precious textiles due to its unique characteristics, is a material that embodies in fashion the concepts of softness and elegance. With this fabric in mind, the hairstylist and his artistic team have created and named this collection SEDA (Spanish for silk). A series of looks inspired by the versatility, touch and softness of silk, with elegant lines worked into different textures. By not eschewing the more avant-garde trends and adapting to each length and texture, this collection, like silk, has the capacity to combine avant-garde and tradition to create fresh, current and elegant looks.

Collection: Seda
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz
Stylist: Salones Carlos Valiente


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Jun 042019 Gossip

Jamie Benny


This collection is exploring the idea that the hair is starting to fray. It is a collection that combines cut and colour to create texture and shape. The hairstylist have taken inspiration from 90s Calvin Klein and modern Tommy Hilfiger with demin clothes and the attitude of the model creating a ‘Girl next door’. With the colour work he wanted to again create this worn or lived in feeling so shadowing areas darker or adding wool into the hair as detail, both highlight focal areas in the shape and following the feeling.

Ph: Philip Veitch
Make-up: Min Sandu
Stylist: Josh Tuckley


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May 282019 Gossip

Sam Burnett


This collection is all about individuality, a free spirited progressive force. Inspired by the 1980s styling revolution, buffalo spirit, pioneered by designer Ray Petri. The hairstylist always strives to create a directional collection that push the boundaries of and reflect contemporary commercial hair trends. The colour pallet was inspired by Charles Jeffries bold colour choices including hot pinks, punchy purples, blues and icy white hues.

Collection: Buffalo Spirit Women
Ph: Jenny Hands
Make-up: Bea Sweet
Stylist: Masha Mombelli


4.5 (90%) 2 vote[s]
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