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Apr 102019 Gossip

Juanmy Medialdea


The Resurgence of Baroque in the 21st century collection was created to meet the demands of the 21st century woman, a contemporary woman who desires elaborate hairstyles, that also add strength and character. The hairstylist wanted to revive the forms and lines of the Baroque period, adapting them to modern times and creating hairstyles that contribute to the empowerment of women. This is mirrored in current trends – prioritising hairstyles with clean lines but complexity, recapturing the fashions of the Royal Houses where magnificent looks were produced. Dishevelled hair is transformed into carefully styled features which, give importance to more defined and worked lines. The era of grey and minimalism gives way to a golden age where the golden shine regains its place at the top and the beauty of women manifests itself in all its splendour. Baroque sculptures and reliefs come together for this collection – a series of looks overflowing with beautiful and complex details inspired by nature, that blend together to produce an eclectic result. Enhanced by makeup that fuses organic textures with the gold of the Baroque, and through careful photography, the collection acquires an even more impressive character.

Collection: El Resurgir del Barroco en el Siglo XXI
Ph: Sonja Inselmann
Make-up: Luisa Machen
Stylist: Juanmy Medialdea


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Apr 092019 Gossip

Bad Apple Hair Art Team


Taking inspiration from the 80s, Remix is a high-energy collection of luxe looks and magnetic monochrome, curated using a mix of primary tones and block colouring, teamed with high shine and a heavenly hint of texture. The 80s never felt so now.

Collection: Remix
Ph: Alex Barron-Hough
Make-up: Katie Moore
Stylist: Clare Frith


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Apr 092019 Gossip

Raquel Saiz


A strong, true love. As irrational as unstable. As beautiful as dangerous. A landscape of lunar evocation becomes the perfect setting where this love blends with the strength of the very earth, which welcomes and embraces with its dark colours and arid surfaces the softness of a skin, the delicacy of a silk, the shine of a white. Because it is in the contrast where the truth is hidden. The elegant subtlety of brides who find in a volcano the faithful reflection of a personality that although seeking its maximum splendour, does not renounce their own interior. Brides who tread without fear, who defend their ideals over impositions and influences. They are volcanoes, beautiful creations of Mother Nature that combine beauty and mystery with elegance and magnetism. They, like the most majestic volcano, as inspiring on the outside as full of fire inside.

Collection: Volcanic
Ph: Estenam Roca
Make-up: Manuela Gimenez
Stylist: Blumynt
Models: Sara Loinaz, Maria Abiega, Maria Mir Lapidó


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Apr 082019 Gossip

Antonio Palladino


The collection was inspired by the hairstylist’s personal library of fashion magazines and ‘Tear-Sheets’ that he’ve amassed over the years, which he uses as a reference for his creative work. Created using a wide range of colouring, cutting and styling techniques, each look is aims to portray a style hero image or give a nuance to an era of fashion. Then they used a set make-up brief, lighting and pure attitude to link the images into a single unified collection.

Collection: Tear-Sheets
Ph: Des Murray
Make-up: Jo Sugar
Stylist: Sue Fyfe-Williams


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Apr 032019 Gossip

Eric Sammartano and Laurent Lega


Tie your hair up, create a bun, an original haircut… Do as you please !!! The most important decision, after choosing the wedding dress, is to determine your hairstyling for the Day. They will help customers to find a hairstyle which will enhance beauty and make this day everlasting, through photographs and good memories. Therefore, hairstylists have created a timeless collection which every young woman can identify with when preparing the most beautiful day of her life.

Collection: Symboles
Ph: Daniel Pister
Make-up: Eva Bodo


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Apr 022019 Gossip

Aldo Coppola

Aldo Coppola

Frange dallo spirito ribelle donano all’istante un’aria sbarazzina e “young”. Nelle forme medio lunghe, texture diverse si fondono. La brezza degli anni ’70 scivola armoniosamente tra code allungate e nuove sinuosità. Il corto accarezza i lineamenti e si veste di femminilità. Tonalità avvolgenti, evidenti contrasti tra i capelli, sfumature intriganti si sovrappongono in un gioco di sperimentazione audaci.

Collection: Orizzonte


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Apr 012019 Gossip

Shogo Ideguchi


With this collection the haistylist wanted to show that in today’s rough abrasive world – where the softness that traditionally expresses femininity is often considered out dated – even if you use strong shapes and hard textures, it is still possible to reflect a women’s purity and beauty.

Collection: Naked Purity
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Stylist: Jared Green


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