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May 072019 Gossip

Brandon Messinger


Movement collection takes editorial looks and shows how they can be combined with a commercial aesthetic to create real wearable hair. A key aim was to show ‘living hair’ – hair that is free to move and change, not stay as a single unchanging form. Using classic colours and varying textures to create the looks, the hairstylist added real time movement to bring the images to life.

Collection: Movement
Ph: Deborag Selwood
Make-up: Priscilla Messinger


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May 062019 Gossip

Karen Thompson and KAM Hair and Body Spa Creative Team


This collection, created by Karen Thomson, features simply beautiful hair with an undone, natural finish. Although the hair looks are very soft, they are full of texture and movement, leading to Delicate Drama being the perfect name.

Collection: Delicate Drama
Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Megumi Matsuno
Stylist: Claire Frith


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May 062019 Gossip

Karine Jackson


The hairstylist wanted the colour to pop like a gentle warm winter’s sun through cool air, while the styles mirror the freedom of a winter wind blowing through the hair. The colour palette features mustard yellows, raging reds, ice blues, rich and warm browns.

Collection: Apricity
Ph: Andrew O’ Toole
Make-up: Margaret Aston
Stylist: Mel Nixon


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May 032019 Gossip

dei Migliori Stilisti Internazionali
sono pubblicate su
Book di grande formato (cm 24×33)
di 288 pagine senza pubblicità e
stampata su carta “uso mano”:
tagli e acconciature corte, medie e lunghe,
colori naturali e di fantasia e molto altro,
per far scegliere e sognare le tue clienti.
Proponiti come Salone d’Avanguardia
circondandoti di immagini bellissime.


prenota collection

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May 022019 Gossip

Travis Bandiera


Growth and nature are the inspirations behind this collection. This pertains to growth in all aspects of life and how nature is continually evolving to adapt to situations. The entire collection has a colour palette inspired by nature. The hairstylist worked with natural textures and enhanced the colours on the models to create movement and texture within the hair. Working with the natural head shape and using triangular colour placement to bring out facial features was a crucial part of the technique.

Collection: Prime
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Chereine Waddell
Stylist: Melissa Nixon


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Apr 302019 Gossip

Hannes Steinmetz and Benedikt Niemand


The hairstyles in this collection are easy to care for and can accommodate every situation: from challenging business days or summer parties to weekend trips, sporting activities, and relaxing days at the beach.

Collection: Coral Glaze
Ph: Hilde van Mas
Make-up: Sandra Filipovic @ Steinmetz-Bundy Privatsalon
Stylist: Jennifer Milleder


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