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May 172019 Gossip

Bernat Sayol


F2 is inspired by the diverse ethnic groups that exist in the world, such as Nordic, Asian, Latin and European, highlighting the characteristics of each one. To achieve the desired looks, the hairstylist wanted to experiment with different lengths and textures, from a polished finish to layered and defined; and to play with different colours to enhance the cuts, finding a balance between makeup, hairstyle and clothing.

Collection: F2
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz


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May 162019 Gossip

Sanrizz Artistic Team


Shapes that deliver empowerment and self-confidence, the importance of cultivating one’s individual style. Soft wearable shapes contrast with bold geometric lines, cocktailed together to create unique individual style. Bold tones fused together to expose a palette of high sheen wild florals, hot reds and metallic blondes.

Collection: Splendour 2
Ph: Jamie Blanshard
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Stylist: Rubina Marchiori
Colour: Sharon Cox


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May 152019 Gossip

Christine Margossian


The spring summer season promises to be natural in the textures, without apparent effort, with a work of material to display a touch of sophistication. A chic, sober look that puts the hairstyle in the spotlight. In terms of lengths, the various shows show us that the square will still be the star of this summer season, with a touch of sophistication inspired by the actress Carole Bouquet. It is worn very smooth with a line in the middle, or with a wavy effect, unstructured or wet ! The second big trend is the opposite ! This is a cut to the boy as a tribute to Zoe Kravitz ! Regarding color the hairstylist puts the brown in the spotlight ! She interprets it rather dark and cold in harmony with the complexion and the eyes of his muse !

Collection: Brunette
Ph: Bruno Estatoff
Make-up: Valérie Dumond
Stylist: Sarah Diallo


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May 132019 Gossip

Ivan Rodriguez


Spirited and radiant, Coral is a tone that evokes a person’s zest for life through its embodiment of bold colours and outgoing attitude. The vibrancy of this colour has the ability to brighten up anyone’s day – its golden shades add energy and dynamism whilst maintaining a touch of softness.

Collection: Coral
Ph: Jell Loya
Make-up: Thessa Peralta, Alejandra Llamas
Stylist: Melissa Weeb
Assistant Hairdresser: Iritza Saenz


4 (80%) 1 vote[s]
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