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Jul 312019 Gossip
David Murray

The inspiration for this collection came from wanting to play with bold color and experiment with different and alternative techniques. You don’t very often get a chance to be so free to use so many intense shades, but the hairstylist wanted to show how you can use strong color and avantgarde styling and still make it look beautiful.

Ph: Tony Le Britton
Make-up: Roseanna Velin


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Jul 302019 Gossip
Jordi Perez

The female universe, as complex as exciting, but so far away for him professionally, as the hairstylist is a barber. He has decided to enter and explore some of the infinite possibilities offered by the fact of working (for the first time) with women. And he has been delighted with the result. Shapes, colors, textures, geometries … everything that he had seen so many other times in other colleagues’ hands, this time he was the ones who made it, putting into practice his own techniques and acquired in many formations, changing his vision of what he wanted as a final result and simply letting the hairdressing flow from his hands and his minds. He has entered into a world unknown and he has enjoyed the experience a lot, in fact, he has fallen in love, and who knows …

Collection: Unknown World
Ph: Sergi Jasanada
Make-up: Monica Martinez
Stylist: Angel Cabezuelo


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Jul 302019 Gossip
Bernadette Beswick

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY served as the inspiration for this collection. Freddie Mercury and Queen ignited the hairstylist creativity and tapped into her heart by combining classical music and Rock n Roll to captivate audiences and deliver their best. Their deliberate intention of bringing the audience into play with their performances is intriguing. ‘We Will Rock You’ was a standout for this; as an educator and hairdresser, this reminded her how valuable it is to bring her audience into the world of hair. Her hair inspiration arose from wanting to showcase traveling from a classic look to texture and punk with hair.

Collection: Rhapsody
Ph: David Mannah
Make-up: Rachel Montgomery
Stylist: Emma Cotterill
Colour: Stevie Corthine


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Jul 292019 Gossip
Amy Gaudie

QUINTESSENCE is a collection created to highlight the essence of beauty, exposing the inner strength of the female form. Using multi-layered texture and a soft colour palette to capture the spirit of quintessence. The use of muted tones throughout the collection reveals a dreamy gaze. Combining a mix of muted pastel blondes and rich vibrant reds to create variation and texture using layering techniques to add dimension to each colour to emphasise the styling and form. Creating unique shapes with different textures allowing a mix of matte and gloss finish, complementing the sheer luminosity of the makeup designed to highlight the prominent features. To incorporate a feminine and structured feel to the collection, the hairstylist wanted to add in soft touches of lace, silk and patterned fabrics, layering upon layer to demonstrate the uniqueness of women.

Collection: Quintessence
Ph: Tyler Alberti
Make-up: Annabelle Hogg
Stylist: Kerrie Carucci


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Jul 252019 Gossip
Gonzalo Zarauza

A wedding day is for many the realisation of a moment that has been envisaged countless times.  This collection is part of the wedding dreams of many women, all of them different and unique.

Collection: The Garden of Dreams
Ph: Eneritz Medina
Make-up: Beta Team
Stylist: Visori FashionArt
Retouch: Javier Villalabeitia


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