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Sep 232019 Gossip
Jamie Stevens

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. The inspiration for this collection came from the personality of music icons through the eras. The hairstylist wanted to give each of his models their own unique image. He was inspired by the phrase ‘dare to be different’. His models showcase their individuality with styles that work with their personality. Why should we be more comfortable seeing someone with a short back and sides over someone with a statement style?

Collection: Culture
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up and Stylist: Jamie Stevens


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Sep 232019 Gossip

Questo è il posto esclusivo per pubblicare cosa CERCHI ed OFFRI nel settore della bellezza e dei parrucchieri.

Un servizio rivolto a:

mktg commerciali
area manager
consulenti tecnici
direttori artistici
responsabili d’Accademia
arredamento nuovo/usato
negozi vendita – acquisto – affitto


Sfondo vettore creata da freepik – it.freepik.com

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Sep 192019 Gossip

The hairstylist’s shoot channels late 70s/80/s grunge punk and the music influencers of that age while using sharp angles to keep that modern touch. He kept a subtle balance of soft and beautiful looks but with an element of a tough edge and rawness to each image.

Collection: Modern Grunge
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Amie Cheryls
Stylist: Jamie Stevens


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Sep 162019 Gossip
Nikita Fisher

For the hairstylist’s colour collection this year she focused her energy on light, transparency and paranormal movement incorporating a spectrum of colours – she created looks resembling similarities from various natural and supernatural elements from mother nature and the physical world, characteristics and gifts from the earth capturing those magical, very rarely seen moments that happen at sunrise, sunset, after the rain has fallen, in the depths of space and only during certain time lapses. During her research she has been drawn to various significant light reflections and illusions and wanted to create an array of expression manifested on her model’s individual dispersive power.

Collection: Prism
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Doey Drummond
Stylist: Jamie Stevens


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Sep 102019 Gossip
Anthony Grant

The hairstylist’s inspiration for this collection started when he looking through a kaleidoscope and visualising the wide spectrum of colours, he created his own unique colour palette. Working on natural Afro hair has enabled he to introduce vibrant colour and set new trends. It’s about girls who have an alter ego, having the confidence to express themselves through their hair using strong bold colours, introducing the illusion of texture and movement. He infused colours, textures to his kaleidoscope collection, creating a fresh new look with an editorial vibe. These girls don’t follow trends, they dictate them.

Collection: Kaleidoscope
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Marta Mucha
Stylist: James Millagan


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Sep 052019 Gossip
Sam Kerr and Natasha Mahey

This collection takes inspiration from architecture, working with different textures but retaining a sexy feel to the looks. Working with a combination of sleek and soft textures to keep each of these images strong with a sexy edge.

Collection: Architecture
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Amie Cheryls
Stylist: Jamie Stevens


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