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Dec 022021 Gossip

This collection is the result of a trip to Iceland, which draws inspiration from the cold tundra and its strange beauty, with its chilling cold, blue waters and skies, snow and landscape.

The history of the people run deep and gods and goddess are much a part of their culture.

So, I focused my muse around the Winter Goddess of the North, Skadi. She was the driving heartbeat of the collection.
And I wanted her strength, courage and fierceness to come through.

For each look, I used different techniques to create the headpieces that the models wear.

The teardrop headpiece was fashioned out of zip ties and individual three strand braids laid on top.
No hair ties were used to fasten the braids only a unique glue that holds hair and dries clear

[Jamie Wiley]

Hair: Jamie Wiley @jamiewileyhair
Hair Assistant: @hairbysaraameiss
Photography: Cody Rasmussen @codyras
MUA: Angelica Perri @angelicaperrimakeup
Styling: Cloak Wardrobe @cloakwardrobe
Designers: @davidkomalondon | @balmain | @moniquelhuillier
@dionlee | @cushnie
Models: Jessica Witkowski @jesswitkowski
Kelsea Campbell @kelsea.campbell
Tayla Marie @taylamarieofficial
All with Fenton Models – NYC @fentonmodels
Products: Pureology @pureology


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