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Oct 012021 Gossip

SHINE shows us organic haircuts in long hair and medium hair with dyeings that seem caused by the wear and tear of spending time outdoors, a time that we like so much but that recently, due to the health situation, we have missed.

To achieve these natural but elaborated looks Carol Bruguera has used techniques such as teasylights, moneypiece, melting, babylights and shadow root.
Technically, the most complex thing has been the combination of the different techniques and finding the exact color for each hair.


Hairdressing Director: Mia Carol
Hairdressing Manager: Susana Moreno, Emma Sagristà
Hairdressers: Núria Codina, Africa Cuenca, Sandra León, Alberto Moreno, Sònia Navarro
MUA: Jessica Alcalá
Production assistant: Lidia Febrer
Photography: Xenia Lau
Lighting: Carlos Rodríguez
Lighting assistant: Josu Gómez
Audiovisual Production: Natx Creacions Audiovisuals
Camera assistant: Xef Vila
Design & Strategy: Dadà&Co
Fashion stylist: Sandra Requena del Rio
Fashion stylist assistant: Judith Val
Models: Uma Chamayou, Noelia Perez, Carlota Raya, Gina Vernis
Special thanks to: La Rovira Nova (Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer), Pere Serra, farmer.

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