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Apr 022021 Gossip

Roaring Twenty Twenties – Inspired by the 1920’s.

A collaboration with hair, photography,  make up, model and wardrobe stylist.  Drama, rich images, strong, bold. The rich society of the 20’s.

Tight fitted hair shapes. Lines, curves, shine and perfectly polished finishes. I wanted the collection to “pop” with very saturated, rich, colors. 

Make up bright, sparkling, rich jewel tones, create high impact.  Porcelain, perfect pale skin. With dramatic contrasting lip color. Divine !  

Saturated  cool, colors, create cinematic, contrasty, vibes.  To the overall photography.  

I find the 20’s a great inspiration. Beautiful executed hair cuts. Straight, wavy, textures, immaculate Styles and finishes.  With incredible fashion.

Hair: Damien Carney
Ph: Damien Carney
Make-up: Joanne Gair


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