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Utterly committed to the timeless aesthetics and elegant glamour of the fashion world: Intercoiffure Austria showcases the art of hairstyling in total looks with the style statement “timeLESS Legendary. Fashion”
Hair is undisputedly considered to be a universal symbol for beauty and expression. It is her styling that makes a woman fascinating and gives her that certain something. But a look only becomes truly “unique” and individual when it is styled to suit the wearer. As part of the global Intercoiffure Mondial organisation made up of the 3,000 best hairdressers in the world in 42 countries, Intercoiffure Austria has been dedicated to this very special art for almost 100 years. Intercoiffure Austria hairdressers insist on the very highest standards of professional artistry and demand perfection in cuts, colours and styling as well as an exquisite sense of aesthetics and of the needs of the fashion industry. The current style statement “timeLESS Legendary. Fashion” for the year 2021 has this calling very firmly in its sights and combines perfect hairdressing expertise with visionary proficiency in up-to-the-moment styles to create an unmistakeable look. Inspired by the early 1990s and the powerful presence of the super models in this era, the focus is on staging powerful fashion statements in combination with myriad hair shapes. The hair itself becomes the star: by playing with light and shadow, emphasising the silhouette and using self-assured poses every look becomes a timeless icon. The result is styles of consummate elegance that surrender to the fascination of the fashion world with relish.
In the world of fashion, the signatures of the very best designers are instantly recognisable. Intercoiffure Austria makes the same claim for hairstylists and with “timeLESS Legendary. Fashion” has made a strong styling statement that inspires all Intercoiffure Mondial hairstylists worldwide and also influences their unmistakeable style.
“timeLESS Legendary. Fashion” is an expression of our clear and absolute commitment to the artistry that is the foundation for everything do we while at the same time showcasing our Group’s creativity and fashion expertise. The result is an artistic synthesis created by uniting the presentation of the hair, the kind of photography and collaboration with young Austrian fashion designers. We want to be visible as a strong team in which everyone makes their own contribution to giving the art of hairdressing the status it deserves in the public perception. Our skill is our greatest strength, and this is something that all hairdressers live off” explains Andreas Innfeld, President of Intercoiffure Austria.
“One of the lessons we have learned during the corona pandemic is the importance of the contribution hairdressers make to society. Feeling beautiful with styled hair is not a luxury, it is a ritual that has been celebrated in all cultures from time immemorial that creates a sense of well-being, self-confidence and joy. Legends are always also role models, and now our world needs good role models more than ever. We Intercoiffure hairdressers compare notes and share ideas on a broad international basis and inspire one another – it is the high standards of the world’s most successful hairdressers that make membership so valuable. The style statement “timeLESS Legendary. Fashion” embodies the spirit of fashion consciousness and the history of Intercoiffure Mondial and shows in powerful images what Intercoiffure Austria is all about” Andreas Innfeld is convinced.

Distinctive styles and legendary looks: The jewels in every style icon’s crown The most influential style icons all have one thing in common: with their unforgettable looks they have delighted generations of women and are timeless role models for style and elegance. A striking hairstyle has always played a crucial part in their rise to legendary status. Audrey Hepburn with her chic up-do in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Madonna’s platinum blonde look á la Marilyn, VOGUE editor Anna Wintour with her perfect power bob with fringe and Princess Diana’s iconic short haircut. Nowadays, Jennifer Lawrence inspires with her characteristic waves on both short and medium-length hair, Lady Gaga is certainly not shy when it comes to colour or hair length and regularly astounds fans with new and unusual looks, while Billie Eilish also regularly hits the headlines with her hair styles. Because as any star knows: Only a remarkable, distinctive hair style will turn a woman into an icon of her age.
It is against this background that Intercoiffure Austria is presenting a clear vision of the looks for the 2021 styling season with its style statement “timeLESS Legendary. Fashion.” The man behind the idea and the concept of “timeLESS Legendary. Fashion” is Creative Director Hannes Steinmetz, who also created the cuts and hair designs together with Andreas Paischer. They took their inspiration from 1990s, the decade of the super models, when Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Nadja Auermann rose to fame and became true fashion icons. They rocked the international catwalks, inspired designers and brought the fashion world a level of attention that had been almost unheard of until then.
The photo series for the “timeLESS Legendary. Fashion” style statement was deliberately taken in black and white, even though this means that hair colour takes a back seat although it is otherwise so important for hairdressers. Instead, the emphasis is on the play of light and shadow and the shape of the hair and its silhouette. This achieves the goal of making the hair itself the star of the photos: The staging of the shape and structure of the hair as well as the artistry with which it is styled come to the fore – irrespective of the hair colour. The use of light not only creates clearly visible, contrasting shadows, it also acts as a spotlight to bring out the beauty of the wearer’s personality. The motifs thus exude both timeless elegance and the unmistakable style of the Intercoiffure Austria hairdressers to create a universally valid fashion statement.
“My vision for the current style statement is to style the extraordinary beauty of each hairdo so spectacularly that the woman who wears it immediately becomes a legend!” explains Hannes Steinmetz, Creative Director of Intercoiffure Austria.

The style statement “timeLESS Legendary. Fashion” by Intercoiffure Austria at a glance (10 motifs)
“timeLESS Legendary. Fashion” shows that a masterfully executed haircut allows for a wide variety of looks. Each styling option brings out the character of the wearer to make her look strong and powerful, seductive, self-determined or flamboyant depending on the mood and occasion”, explains Hannes Steinmetz enthusiastically.

Model Luise: Insights into the cut and technique: To give Luise’s long thick hair bounce and movement, the stylist chose to use light layers. Thanks to the perfectly feathered ends the tresses practically cascade into one another. The silhouette remains full and thick. This is also a useful tip for long hair as it adds volume and leaves hair looking vibrant and healthy.

Recommendations for styling: This particular haircut gives our model Luise the ideal basis for a range of styles as it allows for versatile transformations to suit any number of moods.
• Blow-dried waves transform her thick hair into a mane of legendary proportions.
• Twisted to the side and pinned up, it signals strength and determination.
• If the long hair is laid in waves at the top of the head, the effect is immediately changed to become sensual and romantic.
Expert tip: The client should always tell her stylist what impression she wants to make. The style can be adjusted accordingly, and the look becomes a powerful statement full of expression.

Model Ajla: The cut made with scissors is characterised by a blunt baseline at the nape of the neck with even layers to the top of the head. This preserves the character of unruly hair while bringing it into the desired proportions.
A soft line with a few shorter lengths were chosen for the fringes and the sides to keep the hair structure calm and allow for a variety of different styles.

Perfect interplay of styling skill, proficiency in up-to-the-moment styles, photography and fashion.
The motifs of “timeLESS Legendary. Fashion” captured on film by star photographer Inge Prader have faint echoes of classic photography from the 1990s. Thanks to the super models, fashion photography also experienced a real boom and presented itself with a completely new visual imagery that allowed the exclusive, valuable and timeless to shine in a completely new light. Among the pioneering works that defined this style were the legendary black-and-white photographs by Herb Ritts, whose work adorned the covers of the leading magazines and who is still world-famous even today for his extraordinary portraits of the famous personalities of his day.

It also becomes clear that to achieve an exceptional look, hairstyling must go hand in hand with fashion to amplify the effect of the overall look. Intercoiffure Austria has chosen to focus on Austrian designers for the models’ outfits with fashion pieces from Schella Kann, Körbchen Wien, Jana Wieland, Charlotte Defant, Christina Seewald, Pouran Parvizi, Wendy & Jim, Wolford as well as stylist Laura Magritzer’s own pieces.

Production: Intercoiffure Österreich
Idea & Concept: Hannes Steinmetz, Creative Director Intercoiffure Austria
Hair: Andreas Paischer & Hannes Steinmetz
Photography: Inge Prader
Make-up: Ana Jaksic MUD
Styling: Laura Magritzer
Models: Ajla und Luise (Stella Modells)
Fashion: Schella Kann / Körbchen Wien / Jana Wieland / Charlotte Defant / Christina Seewald / Pouran Parvizi / Wendy & Jim / Wolford, and Stylist’s own Fashion-Pieces of Stylist Laura Magritzer


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