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Dec 102020 Gossip

The global family of TONI&GUY came together for its inaugural global digital event, CONNECTED, a celebration of inspiration, education and hair with over 5,500 attendees.

The one-hour spectacle took us on a journey around the world, as teams from Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, China and the UK presented the TONI&GUY 2021 campaigns Utilitarian, Keep it Real and Reverie all under one brand education umbrella called CONNECTED.

Not stopping there, Fashion Week presentations were given from the major cities of London, Milan and Beijing, with the event concluding on the brand’s amazing Avant-Garde creations.

Global Creative Director, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck welcomed:
“[…]We have made improvements to all our 170 UK salons; 1700 stylists have learnt and implemented our Toni&Guy Gold Standard Hygiene client promise to keep all of our salons safe and we’ve had 8,000 downloads of our education streaming platform: TONI&GUY Digital Academy. We had record numbers of clients coming to our salons on reopening from the first lockdown […]”
CEO Nigel Darwin added: “[…]We may not be meeting face to face, but every Toni&Guy hairdresser from more than 50 countries around the world are joining together, and that is the strongest foundation we could have wished for!”

The creative sessions started with International Artistic Director Cos Sakkas and Eamon Boreham introducing the three campaigns for 2021 which, for the first time, connect under one TONI&GUY brand umbrella:

Utilitarian: described as embodying health, beauty and knowledge, through the philosophy of wellness and embracing self-expression, diversity and wellbeing through beautiful hair.
Keep It Real: label.m continues its ‘Keep it Real’ campaign which is about self-expression; vital to our freedom and diversity and continues to celebrate our people behind the brand.
Reverie: a brand new, hairdresser focused and exciting industry exclusive campaign for 2021 – Sakkas described it as “immersing yourself in a day dream of creativity”.

Connected celebrated not only the hair heroes from around the world, but all TONI&GUY champions including education and business partners, across the brand who have made TONI&GUY what it is today.

Efi Davies brought us presentations from the past 15 years of collaborating with London Fashion Week, where the team work on some 80 shows every season.

No TONI&GUY show would be complete without an Avant-Garde spectacular finale. Working with fashion designer, Cimone, the section was opened with a show stopping outfit that quoted ‘God Be Merciful to Me’ symbolising that no pandemic will stop TONI&GUY creating and sharing education. Bright, bold and beautiful textures and shapes finished off an hour where imagination and education collided to inspire hairdressers around the world.

Find out more about TONI&GUY:
Instagram: @toniandguyworld
Email: alice.lamaison@toniandguy.co.uk /07834381951

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