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Dec 032020 Gossip

X-presion has achieved the unimaginable, bringing together the entire industry, brands, hairdressers, and the media at an event with a sensory and transformative spectacle without equal.

reset 2020

Madrid Last October 18 and for an hour, X-presion did not allow us to think of anything other than enjoying with all our senses an event that made everyone vibrate with its magic. The music, the messages of Suco and the work of X-presion merged to recreate a dream of one hour that allowed them to enter the homes of some of the sharpest hairdressers in the world, reaching their objective; to transform from creativity and emotion. RESET was an invitation to actively join the change through the power of music, active meditation, and hairdressing. In short, 60 minutes of pure enjoyment.

All these elements made more than 20.000 hairdressers in 57 countries connect as the same soul, share the same feeling, and come together under the same passion, generating contagious positive energy.

  • 20.000 connected people around the world
  • 57 countries
  • 14 brands
  • 30 media

With RESET, it has been proven that new and spectacular events via streaming are possible.

Illusion, passion, emotion, and effort are the values with which they show that everything is possible. When they began their career, nobody believed it was possible, but 15 years have already passed that have shown the success of a project for which they continue to fight. And once again, X-presion appealed to hope, an attitude towards life and a message of positivity, now more necessary than ever.

15 years and 15 models on stage, where they presented some of their most iconic techniques and collections such as NU: BI, Arara, Disruptive, Bauhaus, Tartán, #Xpresionpixel #Xpresionthread, or the most recent Trompe L’oeil or DNA braids.

More than 60 people contributed to create, in their own words, one of his greatest works of art.



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