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Apr 152019 Gossip

Salones Carlos Valiente


DONA is one of the most personal collections for Carlos Valiente so far. Its name means woman and in her, in woman and in women that surround him, he has been inspired to create this work. This collection is created to attract attention and shout the role of women in society, their sacred value and their independence. Hairdressing, makeup and styling come together to fight against injustice. A tangle of twisted sticks, like the pre-established ideas by society so that women do not speak “when they should not”. Hairstyles that emulate the feathers of the bird, which with its treacherous song does not let the woman listen to her sisters. Electric looks that lend themselves to disorder, consequence of each wounded woman. And textures that are embedded in the image as the spider web, extensive and too frequent, which is the suffering of all women. All the looks based on deep colours such as the different ranges of blue and navy and accompanied by a style that erases the natural forms of women to enhance their feelings, their interior. But this work not only denounces and screams, it also opens its arms and understands and explains by its author, Carlos Valiente, all the love it has received from the woman, from her women. Those that have formed and are part of his life to which he pays tribute in this collection.

Collection: Dona
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Nacho Sanz
Stylist: Visory Fashionart


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