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The training, which will be divided into four blocks, will be held on
28, 29 and 30 September with all of its contents focused on
the opening of new opportunities in the micropigmenting business.
Entries open until 25 September, on the web  www.salonlook.ifema.es 

Salón LookThe International Exhibition of Image and Integral Beauty
will include the new Interactive Micropigmenting Workshops
in its training activities from 28 to 30 September at Feria de Madrid
next edition, with contents focused on the opening
of new business opportunities.

Over the three days of the exhibition organised by IFEMA,
these workshops will show the professional attendees different
application techniques in a programme structured over four blocks.

The first block will be held on 28 September, with the title
Chemotherapy and EURO-TOUCH micropigmenting in eyebrows.
to cope with chemotherapy and its consequences”,
given by Paola Gateño Caraccioli, director and chairperson of
the FEMPO Foundation in Santiago de Chile.

The second and third block will stretch over 29 September and will deal
with the “Introduction to EURO-TOUCH capital Micropigmenting”,
run by Aldemar Campos, an international specialist,
and the “Combo MIX BROWS BIOTEK.
How to integrate the different techniques in eyebrows”,

by Mar Díaz, Biotek International Teacher.

Finally, on 30 September will be the fourth block,
The AMIEA art of eye pigmenting, three distinct techniques
for different results: Eyetribal, Eyecolor, Mooneyes”,
given by Eugenia Arrieta, expert in advanced micropigmenting techniques.

The Interactive Micropigmenting Workshops will be staged at
the Micropigmenting Classroomin Hall 3. 

The first and third workshops will be at  3.30 pm and 7.30 pm,
and the second and fourth at 10 am and 2 pm.

You must register for each workshop separately.

Tickets for this activity can be bought at www.ifema.es/salonlook

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