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Dec 062017 Gossip

intercoiffure mondial

Magic hair in Japan! Spectacular world summit of the hair fashion elite in Osaka. 1000 beauty experts from 35 countries admired 17 prestige hair fashion shows and four exclusive gala shows. They had the opportunity to experience the unique Japanese approach to hospitality, ‘omotenashi’, and were captivated by the beauty of the Golden Palace and the wonderful zen gardens of Kyoto.

Where Japanese flair met the international fashion world of Intercoiffure Mondial: The world’s best hairstylists celebrated global hair art at the 22nd World Congress of Intercoiffure Mondial in Osaka/Kyoto. The encounter provided an abundance of poetic fashion inspiration. Geisha looks captivated and enthralled the audience and were as magical as a stroll through a zen garden. Cool, futuristic hair creations and explosive colour palettes exuded a sense of vibrancy as dynamic and trendsetting as the pulse of the bustling metropolis of Osaka. Japan preserves its heritage with real dedication but is still always one step ahead when it comes to the latest trends. For three whole days, more than 1000 beauty experts from 35 countries were blown away by the line-up of inspiring prestige and gala shows. This was the perfect occasion to celebrate extraordinary handcraftsmanship.

The Intercoiffure Mondial philosophy was plain to see during this mega event: creative passion, masterly skills, outstanding perfectionism, an untiring curiosity and global friendship across borders. Intercoiffure Mondial’s President, Klaus Peter Ochs, Vice President Eizo Kakimoto and ICD Japan President Junji Yamano welcomed the hairstylist elite – together with the strong industry partners to this international summit of the professional world market leaders in hair products.

The 22nd World Congress of Intercoiffure Mondial ended with a visit to the old imperial city of Kyoto – a magical place with a special energy. In its temples, shrines and zen gardens you can listen to the trickling fountains and sense the strength of the trees. And the farewell also saw everyone leave through the traditional Japanese gates, or “torii” in Japanese, which symbolically mark the transition from the profane to the sacred, a gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds. This was a reminder that the event was about heightening our senses and gaining new perspectives, as well as living out an enthusiasm for foreign cultures and unlimited style. A vision of global beauty.

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