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Sep 252017 Gossip

I’m inspired by all things around me in this world. Especially when you least expect it. Patterns, textures, nature, animals, people and the versatility of all these things.

Hard and soft, rough and smooth, tousled and refined. The ability to create different shapes using hair; adorned with metal hardware, leather, lace is such a creative playground. It’s opposite worlds fused together forming beauty and mesmerizing your audience.

I showcased shine with the face frame wave versus matte in the loose strands. Curly hair and straight. Smooth hair in the fringe versus texture throughout. Refined with braids and a tousled mohawk. I showcased a figure 8 braid done and undone extending her length and keeping short on top. Metal chains fused together with hair to also extend length in the back, while keeping her short natural ponytail wrapped in leather.

One side of the hairstyle slicked down using Resintek, and given artificial texture with straight pins, reminds me of scales so I decided to make a twisted edge fishtail braid to drape and give length below. The undone infinity braid reminds me so much of a peacock feather, naturally beautiful, so I placed one on each side of the hairstyle.

The balance of the hair piercings on top and the chainlink hair draped in the back giving length keeps fluidity of the metal hardware in the style.

Her couture outfit and edgy chic hair evolve a style of her own. Ever changing form of self-expression radiates throughout her entire look. It’s ECLECTIC a la mode.

Hair: Nico Norris
Collection: Eclectic a la Mode
Ph: Kevin Li
Make-up: Eva Genevieve
Colourist: Nico Norris
Fashion Stylists: Eva Genevieve


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