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May 162017 Gossip

globelife - active beauty

Consumers are increasingly striving for physical and spiritual fitness. Manufacturers and brands can now take maximum advantage of this trend and develop innovative cosmetic and body care products for customers who are keen on active pursuits. The market researchers at Mintel Beauty & Personal Care forecast that ‘active beauty’ will have a crucial impact on the cosmetics and skin care industries in 2017. The demand for new products, which support a healthy lifestyle and fitness, is more important than it ever was, given that consumers are now participating in more and more sporting activities. 48 % of German consumers would be interested in body care products, which help to regenerate their bodies after sport. 46 % of Spanish consumers are excited by the idea of fragrances that enhance the efforts they put in when exercising. 53 % of Italian consumers indicate that body care products, which increase and prolong the effects of sporting activity would appeal to them. And amongst French consumers, 36 % show an interest in sports clothing which gives off skin care products or fragrances in response to changes in body temperature.

As Mintel indicate, several brands and manufacturers also recognise the ‘active beauty’ trend. According to the market researchers, they will, in future, be investing more in innovative products, which cater for the needs of consumers who take part in active pursuits. The experts assume that the developments will lead to products that maintain their effectiveness in extreme conditions and protect hair and skin both from dirt and from UV and infrared light. The market researchers are also predicting care products that react to body temperature, sports apparel that measures the temperature and levels of hydration of the skin and then sends data about ideal care requirements to a smartphone app, or via a DNS-based analytic system, to create a personalised sports and beauty programme.

For brands and manufacturers, who would like to take advantage of the ‘active beauty’ trend, it is important – so say Mintel – that information about the effects of the products makes clear why and how these products are different from the ones in the normal portfolio. With protective formulae and practical packaging, it should also be possible to meet the wishes of sophisticated consumers for functional, multitasking products.

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