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The collection was really a collaboration of two different looks, coming together as one. The inspiration comes from the artist Christine Rosamond. Her simple sketches in pencil and finely detailed watercolours and oils are so soft and beautiful. She always expresses femininity, innocence and a feeling of shyness. This was conveyed in my shoot. While the collection was about simplicity, I added an edge to make people second-guess. I wanted people to ask the question “does this collection work or doesn’t it?” It is designed to encourage conversation. In order to achieve this with a twist, I incorporated an edgy ‘British Punk Rock meets Tinker Bell’ aesthetic. The hair colour in the shoot was inspired by fiction and fantasy. We wanted to push the envelope on colour, as I think the use of creative colour has become more important than ever in a shoot. The idea was again to push some creative boundaries and have that clash of freaky and ethereal, yet beautiful, soft and sexy. Different colouring techniques were used to enhance the vibrant colours and to combine the soft muted pastel hues. The colour has a definite punch to it, with an intertwined subtlety.

HAIR: Malisa Masci – AU
Collection: Rosamond
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Kylie O’Toole
Stylist: Elaine Marshall
Colourist: Melissa Walker


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