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Feb 012017 Gossip

REVIVAL is collection inspired by two overlapping trends, the retro futurism movement and manga. It is an artistic collision of past, present and future, that challenges what ready to wear can be for men. Horwood researched the world of fashion, architecture, design, music, literature, film and video games where the strong undercurrent of retro appears time and time again. This sparked the inspiration for this collection. The retro futurism cuts are inspired not by the time but by the futuristic anticipation of hair design from the past. The fusion of anime manga influence sees exaggerated shape and texture giving a unique perspective on men’s hair fashion that is bold, confident and masculine. Retro futurism is directly inspired by the imagined future that excited the minds of artists, writers and film makers such as Ralf Metzenmacher, a painter and designer with a retrospective masculine perspective. A pioneer of retro-art, he revived 17th Century still life painting with a distinctly Pop Art flavour. The global influence of Manga and the subtle, bizarre aesthetics of the Japanese manga animation design style is increasingly responsible for the world’s most famous trends. It brings uniqueness, exaggeration and fun to hair culture. The REVIVAL collection features disciplined and graphic precision skill that is expressive and a fashion forward men’s statement. It revives elements of our culture and salon ready-to-wear world, but pushes the boundaries to challenge what ready-to-wear can be. A strong and confident revival.

HAIR: Aiden Horwood – AU
Collection: Revival
Ph: Karla Majnaric
Make-up: Kyanne Wagenveld
Stylist: Simone Vinski
Salon: Heading Out Hair & Beauty


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