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May 042016 Gossip

Jordan HoneJordan HoneJordan Hone

Jordan HoneJordan Hone

Gaultier, Givenchy and Versace and formed the inspiration for Jordan Hone to look towards gothic tradition for his collection. This nod to Gothicism is not about the recent trend of ʻgothʼ styling, it is steeped in something much older, more magical, that sits somewhere between history and myth. The hair direction features styles rooted deeply in fantasy, conjuring up a sense of old world storytelling with a subtle horror/romance subtext. The styles are over-dramatised, featuring architectural shapes and geometric lines. Looks include carefully structured domed horns, extended and fanned hair reminiscent of black wings and a Mohawk which captures the contrast between shine and texture. Black and white is the centerpiece, with carefully constructed lighting creating intriguing shadows and contrast, adding to the mystery and intrigue of the collection.

Hair: Jordan Hone – AU
Collection: Gothic fairytale
Ph: Mitchell McKlennan
Styling: Jordan Hone
Make-up: Belinda Kruse
Styling: Lydia Jane Saunders
Clothing: Blonde undercut: Suzi (Debut) wears PHOENIX KEATING top and GRANDMA TAKES A TRIP gloves,
Waterfall hair: Marina (Platform) wears TOVAH bodice and skirt,
Lady Gaga hair: Marina (Platform) wears STATE OF GEORGIA blouse, Grace (Priscillas) wears ALL ABOUT EVE bodysuit, Cone hair: Kristen (Priscillas) wears PLEAGUE OF MAN top,
Angular bob: Arielle (Platform) wears PLAGUE OF MAN top worn under ELLIVEN jacket


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