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Sep 142015 Gossip

Visionary Award

The Alternative Hair Visionary Award has grown from an idea conceived by Alternative Hair President, Anthony Mascolo, whose aim was to identify and promote new talent from across the globe, whilst raising money for the Alternative Hair charity: Fighting Leukemia. Over the last few years the Visionary Award has grown in number and stature and now has 3 defined sections: Avant-Garde, Cut and Colour, and for the first time this year, Men’s. From over a 400 entries, 36 finalists have been selected to attend the grand finale on the night of the Alternative Hair Show 2015, Sunday October 11th, at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

The Visionary Award has its own show within the evening. Each finalist presents one model to represent their work, judged prior to the show by an international team of celebrated hairdressers. At the end of the Visionary Award show, Anthony Mascolo, and Alternative Hair founder, Tony Rizzo, will announce the 2015 winners.The international finalists are:

Avant-Garde: Chrystofer Benson (USA); Dani Abunar (Sweden); Emmanuel Esteban (UK); Erika Selvaggio (UK); Fang Cheng Che (Taiwan); Misha Cadkova (Czech Rupublic); Miyoun Hong (South Korea); Nadia Semanic (Australia); Laura Kulik (UK); Sayaka Mawatari (Japan); Stephen O Driscoll (Ireland); Valeria Barba (Italy)

Cut and Colour: Barry Mc Donagh (Ireland); Carly Price (UK); Christ Maenhout (Belgium); Fabio Colucci (Italy); Luigi Martini (Italy); Michael Bosacki (UK); Miguel Silva (Spain); Nuru Marcus Perkins (UK); Pino Troncone (Italy); Ria Kulik (UK); Sarah Mason (Ireland); Tindaro Orifici (Germany)

Men’s: Alessandro Santi (Italy); Alexander Kiryliuk (Belarus); Chien Hui Chao (Taiwan); Chungsu Lee (South Korea); Florin Ghile (Ireland); Johnny Baba (UK); Katarzyna Paluch (UK); Kuo Yu Chin (Taiwan); Jozica Lah (Austria); Locher Jéremie (Switzerland); Rino Riccio (UK); Walter Armanno (Italy)

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