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Jul 132015 Gossip


“Rotation Shears” sono le innovative forbici ideate da Carmelo Zammitto per il taglio professionale. Utilizzate su alcune delle migliori passerelle, sono pratiche da usare e producono risultati eccellenti.

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  3 Responses to “Rotation Shears: forbici rotanti”

  1. Thank You Globelife For. The beautiful article there Rotation shares are available st http://www.tondeo.com.

  2. Thank You Globelife! For The Beautiful Article In Italian.

    Best Regards

    Carmelo Zammitto
    Design & Patent Owner

  3. Working With The Rotation Shears Allows A Vast Of Property’s Form The Rang & Motions To A Superior Support’s From Those Traditional Or Imitations Shears.

    Note :That The Rotation Shears Wore Design & Developed By Top Notch Stylist.

    Shears For The Created Minded Stylist.

    All The Best
    Carmelo Zammitto
    Design and Patend Owner.

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