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The Allilon Education Art Team has launched Balance, a fusion of dramatic colour and dynamic shapes that has resulted in a bold and beautiful collection. The aim and undercurrent of the collection is to raise awareness and profile VITAL, the children’s charity that is being supported by Allilon Education throughout 2014. Hair flows from shapes that are either completely symmetrical or truly off balance through the use of asymmetry. Lengths were chosen to simplify strong, bold colours, while more dynamic shapes complement simpler colour placement. Contrasting primary and secondary tones, opposite each other on the colour wheel, were fused to give a feeling of ‘balance’ by neutralising each other. Taking reference from the draping silk in Sandro Botticelli’s interpretation of Venus, the finest silk was used to create flowing shapes and soft movement. Sectioning patterns were taken from the material, with colours emulating the rich fabrics and colours of India, making reference to VITAL’s bright, happy and beautiful work for children there. “Playing with the word balance enables us to highlight the moral aspects of how we live our lives, as well as the power we hold as an industry to really help make a difference.” Johnny Othona, Director, Allilon Education

Hair: Allilon Education Art Team – UK
Collection: Balance
Photography: Trevor Leighton
Make-up: Cheryl Phelps Gardiner
Clothes styling: Amy Day

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Balance Collection”

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