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Mar 022015 Gossip


In order from left to right:
1 – The Heroine: A wild spirit, geared towards adventure and conquest. She is filled with eagerness and ambition, where defeat is irrelevant. Her way of life and applause for attention creates an enigmatic and passionate attraction.
2 – A Love affair: Exotic and stealthy, she looms in a shadowy and unconventional lifestyle. Her beauty flirts with the most befitting prospects and her appeal escorts her into the high ranks of society. She knows how to play the game where romantic sinner meets a narcotic charm.
3 – Distinction: She is posh and attuned to an exquisite taste, adorning herself in trendsetting fashions and exclusive designs. While keen for wealth and sophistication, she lets her waves fall loosely for an effortless look.
4 – The Misteress: She is daring and enjoys a lifestyle that plays on the cusp of enticement. Her hair is bold and kept in a voluminous and teased updo. Her untamed beauty is portrayed through scattered and highly textured.

Hair: Kirsten McIntosh @ Donato Academy
Make-up: Heather French
Photographer: Mori Lynn
Model: Lexi
Fashion Stylist: Vannessa Sanchez

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