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Nov 192014 Gossip

Natural cosmetics

Sales of natural cosmetics boosted by consumer awareness and innovation Sales of natural and organic cosmetic products continue to outpace the overall beauty market. Product innovation, consumer awareness, favourable regulations and increasing purchasing power in emerging countries are the main drivers to growth.While their definition of the products category is different, Grand View Research and Kline are reaching the same conclusion: sales of natural and organic cosmetics are growing faster than the rest of the beauty market.According to a post by Kline’s VP of consumer products Carrie Mellage, the global natural and organic personal care market has registered double-digit growth for the sixth consecutive year since Kline began reporting the segment separately in 2007.According to Grand View Research, skin care was the largest product segment in terms of revenue in 2013, accounting for over 32% of the global market. Hair care was the second largest product segment and accounted for around 25% of market share in terms of revenue in 2013.
“Increasing awareness among consumers regarding harmful effects of synthetic products on the body coupled with high appearance consciousness has fuelled the demand for organic skin care products. In addition, frequent product launches and widening of distribution channels is further expected to raise the demand,” confirms Grand View Research.
Emerging markets: while North America and Europe are currently the biggest markets, Brazil and Asia are the fastest growing regions both up around 15% in 2013, according to Kline – although these markets regularly enjoy high growth across the overall market. “The steady rise of the segment in Europe and the United States, where the natural personal care market is one of few areas showing sustained high growth, is perhaps more notable,” underlines Carrie Mellage.

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