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This educational spectacular, which takes place on 19 October at Feria de Madrid, will showcase the creativity and techniques of hairdressers of the calibre of Marcel Montlleó, of Pelsynera, Antonio Calvo and Mikel Luzea.

Madrid, 1st October 2014 – On 19 October at 11:30 AM the first edition of “EFFERVESCENE” an educational hairdressing show directed by Mikel Luzea will be staged as part of Pasarela Hair Look at SALON LOOK INTERNACIONAL, the Hairdressing, Beauty, Cosmetics and Accessories Fair.
“EFFERVESCENE” is a play on words which in English means “effervescent scene” and the aim is to deliver precisely this: an effervescence of ideas, tricks, creativity, techniques, etc. This show will strive every year to bring together the most outstanding leading-edge Spanish hairdressers for an educational extravaganza, where they explain live the techniques used in their latest creations.
This first edition of the show will feature some of the leading lights of the Spanish hairdressing scene, namely Marcel Montlleó, Pelsynera, Antonio Calvo and Mikel Luzea.
“EFFERVESCENE” will be one of the shows at Pasarela Hair Look, Spain’s top hairdressing showcase, which every season brings together leading stylists and brands for a spectacular presentation to professionals of the hottest trends in cuts, techniques and colours. This venue, in hall 14.1 of Feria de Madrid, also hosts the shows of Madrid Fashion Week twice every year.

Mikel Luzea

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