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Jun 102014 Gossip


The bob is arguably fashion’s most iconic cut. Simultaneously classic and cool, the bob is hair’s equivalent of the perfect white shirt or the dream jeans; it just looks good on anyone, Coco Chanel was amongst its earliest fashion-indsustry adaptors. Today, Anna Wintour (pict. 1) is arguably the most iconic wearer of the bob in the fashion industry. Charlie Chan of Michaeljohn in London is rumoured to be the man behind fashion’s most-recognisable hair, and while we often wish she’d shake things up with something a little drastic, the truth is that this hair is so iconic that the industry would probably come to a meltdown if she changed it. Newcomer to the bob-brilliance crown is Doug (pict. 2) – also known as Whitley Bay’s Sarah Douglas. The current reigning catwalk queen made her debut at no less than Saint Laurent. Arizona Muse (pict. 3) beat Karlie to the cut with her super-flattering, elegant midi style, which debuted in 2011. The perfect match to her naturally wavy hair, this look reignited Arizona’s career and remains a timeless classic. Erin O’Connor’s (pict. 4) look is pure art-deco elegance, making a bob the perfect option. Her sleek, dark, glossy locks look fantastic with a classic A-line bob and, frankly, we can’t imagine her with anything longer. Timeless elegance at its very best. Queen of the catwalk bobs is surely Linda Evangelista (pict. 5). She might have been famous for her ever-changing ‘dos, but we always associate Linda best with this cut. There’s a naivety to that parting and slightly awkward length; on anyone else, this verges on school geek. On Linda, it oozes appeal.

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