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Sep 112013 Gossip

Mark Leeson, Artistic Director of HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards 2012 winning Artistic Team of the Year and a three times nominee for HJ’s British Hairdresser of the Year.

Salon International

1- Who would you most like to collaborate with at Salon International?
1- I think Sam McKnight would be an amazing person to work with anywhere, but Salon International would be an incredible platform. He’s a hugely talented and creative hairdresser and I would love to collaborate with him.

2-  How do you prepare for Salon International?
2- It greatly depends on my agenda, but generally my PR will set up appointments and meetings for me to see the international and UK press that are attending, as well as any overseas contacts and friends that I am able to catch up with. It’s an ideal opportunity for me to spend time with global contacts.

3-  What’s your must see stand, presentation or event at Salon International?
3- I love the HJ and Fellowship stages as they both showcase the best talent in the country. I also like spending time in HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards Gallery sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional – this is always my first stop as it’s the first opportunity to see the abundance of amazing work that British hairdressers are producing.

4- What’s your top tip for anyone attending Salon International?
4- Plan your weekend and take advantage of the other events and parties that are happening in London that same weekend – for example if you’ve never been to the Alternative Hair Show this is a great excuse to see it given that you will be in London anyway.

5- What’s on the agenda for you when the exhibition is over?
5- I’m going to be spending some time in Europe doing a show and seminar, I’ve also got my British Hairdressing Awards show to plan and have lots of exciting new ventures happening in the salon – so it’s a busy end to the year.

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