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Sep 022013 Gossip

Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck is the International Creative Director at TONI&GUY who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year. The TONI&GUY creative team will be presenting on the Salon Live stage on Sunday, 13th October.

Salon International

1- Who would you most like to collaborate with at Salon International?
1- That’s a tough question as I get to collaborate with my team on the show and that in itself is so much fun. In the future it would be lovely to do something exciting with TONI&GUY favourite Giles Deacon who we have a great relationship with following 11 amazing seasons working together at London Fashion Week.

2-  How do you prepare for Salon International?
2- We always hold our staff event/show the weekend before Salon International to launch our collection to our teams, so the Salon Live show is a well-practiced version of our event, specifically tailored for the Salon Live audience. The collection books and DVDs take literally months to prepare, as does the stand and all of the collection images so Salon International is pretty much our chance to launch everything that we have been working on in that year!

3-  What’s your must see stand, presentation or event at Salon International?
3- I like to visit all the stands and see what people have been working on, that’s the great thing about Salon International, but the highlights for me are probably the Fellowship Stage and the British Hairdressing Awards Gallery.  I love seeing all of the collections lined up and, like everyone, I try to guess who’s created the winning collection!

4- What’s your top tip for anyone attending Salon International?
4- Plan your visit! Have a good look on the website and check out what shows you want to see and who’s stand is a must. Once you get to the event it is very easy to get distracted.

5-  What’s on the agenda for you when the exhibition is over?
5-  I would love to say that I will be putting my feet up but things never stop at TONI&GUY – we’re always planning for the next big event! We’ve got London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Awards to name just a few! We’re a business that prides itself on being at the cutting edge of hair and fashion so we’re constantly evolving and getting involved in new and exciting opportunities!

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