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May 092013 Gossip
As we move forward in fashion, hair, music, film, we are constantly referencing the past for creativeness, innovativeness, vision and concepts to help create and shape the future. Paying homage to The Golden Era of cinema and photography, influenced by film Noir, AJ Blackadder, Technical Director at the Andrew Barton Salon, took these concepts and brought them up-to-date with a new element… Colour. Working with key components Shadow & Light, Traditional Hair Styling Techniques, Red Carpet Hair, Show Stopping Gowns & Jewellery and Timeless Make-up, the looks have been brought up-to-date with modern twists on the classic and up-to-the moment with Techni-colour, whilst staying true to the period hat was the influence, creating a Timeless collection of images.
AJ BlackadderAJ BlackadderAJ BlackadderAJ Blackadder
AJ BlackadderAJ BlackadderAJ BlackadderAJ Blackadder
Hair: AJ Blackadder
Photography: Charlotte Kibbles
Make-up: Cheryl Corea
Styling: Adelaide Turnball
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