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Mar 112011 Gossip
SAHA MASCOLO-TARBUCK, global creative director, Toni&Guy, reviews this year’s celebrity styles:
Lady GagaLADY GAGA: When it comes to Lady Gaga, we all expect the unexpected with her! This bold colour statement works well with her overhall stage presence, but it’s not the most flattering hair choice!
Emma WatsonEMMA WATSON: Emma is a real coming of age statement, especially when compared to her more child-like long hair. This short, soft style highlights her fine features and pretty face, and she looks instantly more grown-up.
Alexa ChungALEXA CHUNG: Alexa can do no wrong in the style stakes, and although this look is slightly longer than usual, it still has her trademark effortlessy stylish signature. I love the textured finish, and her laid-back attitude to styling.
Frankie SandfordFRANKIE SANDFORD: The shape and texture of Frankie’s cut are lovely, they flatters her fine features and face shape. The whole look feels youthful and fresh, and the style suits her perfectly.
Keira KnightleyKEIRA KNIGHTLEY: Keira makes looking stylish effortless. We like her hair at this new shorter lenght, as it highlights her bone structure and face shape.
Florence WelchFLORENCE WELCH: Adorable her red hair, and also her unique approach to style. She’s very much an individual, and her bright copper hair just adds to that.
Agyness DeynAGYNESS DEYN: Supermodel Agyness can ususally do no wrong in the style stakes, but this crop does nothing for her. Both the cut and colour choice are too harsh, and it looks like she’s tryng to grow it out. A cahnge of colour could help her through the growing out months.
RihannaRIHANNA:Beautiful Rihanna’s punchy red hair, and this particular colour choice really works well with her latest longer hair lenght. The curla and kitsch headscarf also give her a slinght retro feel, which really adds to the overall look.
Katy PerryKATY PERRY: Wigs are a great way to transform your look, but this colour choice and shape are just a bit too artificial. Katy’s an attractive girl but this wig doesn’t do anything for her.
Cheryl ColeCHERYL COLE: This is Cheryl’s signature look and she look effortlessy pretty. Long, gorgeous, flowing, healtly, shiny hair. I much prefer her as a brunette than as a redhead, which we don’t think works with her olive skin tone.
Pixie LottPIXIE LOTT: Pixie’s soft, retro waves and pretty shade of blonde add up to a realloy commercial, wearable look. The styling and colour are perfect for appealing to her young, fashion-conscious fan base.
Dannii MinogueDANNII MINOGUE: Dannii’s hair look really pretty and this shape does suit her face, but this very commercial style ages her slightly, and makes her look a bit mumsy. She woul try a slightly more graphic, fashion-led style, rather than such a classic look.
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  1. Ciao .. io voglio lasciare il mio commento .. Qui in Brasile il taglio di capelli, così come i colori sono molto forti armonia .. giovanile è molto esigente qui più sulla cultura brasiliana .. se i capelli è ben tenuto .. la donna è molto vaidosa brasileira … e āveśe esagerada di più. desir tutto questo modo che sia il taglio e il colore non è molto radicale … piuttosto armoniosamente con la cultura di questo paese ..

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