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Mar 052010 Gossip

Rules are there to be re-worked – and this season’s collection sees a subversive interpretation of the Sassoon house codes. Geometric principles are applied to hair but the end result is anything but geometric. Under a street lamp’s sodium glow, by the backlit and graffitied Friedrichstrasse, the young take centre stage. Modern lovers; post-ironic Romeos and Juliets, in leather worn with a studied laissez-faire. This is Berlin, a city of contradictions: a city in flux, poised between status and rebellion. A place to make your mark. This season the strength of the Sassoon technique is used to build a criss-cross framework of horizontal and vertical channel cut lines that become invisible as long panels of hair cover short. ‘The couture craftsmanship of this technique can support any kind of tactile styling’ says Mark Hayes, International Creative Director, ‘the innovative texture it creates can be exaggerated or undone, but always with complete control. Sharp lines are shrugged off in favour of a more jejeune approach.’ Colour glows from within the hair rather than standing out starkly on the surface and as the hair moves the irreverent hues punch through. ‘We’re using really strong colours that have a punk connotation but in a chic, crafted way – punk plus couture equals punkature,’ says Peter Dawson, European Colour Director. Monochrome hair flashes kingfisher blue or flamingo pink, aquamarine goes ultra violet – cutting a dash has never been so crucial.

Hair cut and colour: Sassoon Creative Team (UK) led by Mark Hayes – International Creative Director Make-up: Daniel Koleric Clothes stylist: Tabitha Owen Photography: Colin Roy

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