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Apr 282008 Gossip

“Bayer MaterialScience” presents: “High-Grade” solvent-free polyurethanes, for the cosmetics industry

Polymers with film-forming and conditioning properties are found in almost all cosmetic products. They are what gives hairsprays their hold, and creams and body lotions a pleasant skin feel. They also ensure that lipstick, mascara and eyeliner don’t rub off. Bayer MaterialScience has now developed Baycusan®, a line of polyurethanes specifically designed for the cosmetics industry that offer a number of advantages over conventional polymers. They contain no solvents, making them environmentally friendly. They can be used to formulate skin and hair care products that emit little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Baycusan® thus gives cosmetics producers great latitude in the formulation of their products. Film properties can be adjusted: from flexible to hard; from waterproof to water vapor permeable. Baycusan® also contains no preservatives. “As a pioneer of polyurethane chemistry, Bayer MaterialScience has a wealth of experience and know-how. We are now dedicating both of these to collaboration with the cosmetics industry,” says Dr. Steffen Hofacker, Head of Innovation and Business Creation Cosmetics. He adds: “We know that the manufacturers of hair and skin care products have stringent requirements for the purity and quality of raw materials – Baycusan® fulfills these requirements.”
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