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Sep 182020 Gossip
Kílian Garrigós, Miguel Silva, Inna Lipkovich Internatianl Hairstylists

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Amour Tout Court ”, made by “ Alexander Kiryliuk – SK STYLE BARCELONA ” international hairstylist from ES

Art Director: Alexander Kiryliuk –
Ph: David Arnal 
Make – up: Natalya Sidorova 
Stylist: Strekoza
Accessories:  Vedovka
Backstage Ph:  Evgenia Muzheva
Retouching: Javier Villalabeitia


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Sep 162020 Gossip
Alfredo Valero y Miriam Mateo  International Hairstylists

This collection is the first collection of this team, refers to the Japanese term dystopia, which is the starting point for the futuristic inspiration of this work. Dystopias describe a dehumanized world, with tyrannical governments that control everything, environmental disasters and other characteristics associated with the cataclysmic decline of society. In art, it has served to alert us on how contemporary societies are heading towards the new order, which has been created from the destructuring of everything human and sensible.

Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Yos Baute
Stylist: Savior by Lu


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Sep 142020 Gossip

ROMA: troviamo grandi nomi all’interno dello Staff del noto Salone Saccucci’s Masterclass come quello dell’ artista internazionale ANGELO DI PASCA.

Il bellissimo Salone nel quartiere più prestigioso di Roma Eur dal 1969, vanta di uno Staff tra i più qualificati d’Italia, composto da nomi d’eccellenza come il grande stilista ANGELO DI PASCA con anni d’intensa esperienza internazionale, amico da tempo di Mario Saccucci e in collaborazione con Marco Saccucci ideatore della Saccuccimasterclass!

Le clienti più trend della capitale Romana, che cercano unicità nel loro look non possono che frequentare il Saccucci’s Masterclass, dove la Classe, qualità e la moda sono l’ordine del giorno!

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Sep 112020 Gossip
Gary Hooker & Michal Young International Hairstylists

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Prive”, made by “ Gary Hooker & Michal Young” international hairstylist from UK

Ph: Michael Young
Make-up: Megumi
Stylist: Clare Frith


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Sep 112020 Gossip
Ivan Rodriguez Interntional Hairstilist

The combination of apparently opposed elements creates a new reality, opposed to the established. It consists of creating a new order in which geometric shapes and tones are challenging, giving way to a new way of thinking

Ph: Luis Azarte
Make-up: El Salon Hairdressing Club
Stylist: Melissa Webb      


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Sep 112020 Gossip
Jose Garcia International Hairstylist

A camera is like a window to a world; its ability to capture the pure essence of someone, to expose their true personality.  The images it produces allow the viewer an insight into that person, a glimpse of who they are deep down.

Ph: Joan Crisol
Make-up: Jose Garcia Peluqueros
Stylist: Antonio Bordera
Model: Krys Pasiecznik


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Sep 112020 Gossip
David Barron International Hairstylist

This collection is inspired by a night at the Carnival – the strong colours, neon signs, energy and exciting life of live street show fair. Precision and textured haircuts combined with strong vivid colours are then enhanced by bright styling with deliberate pale make-up of faces caught in the bright nighttime carnival lights.

Ph: John Rawson
Make-Up: Lan Grealis
Stylist: Jared Green


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Sep 112020 Gossip
Desmond Murray International Hairstylist

Part of his exploration of contemporary Paris fashion, Parisian Couture explores the shapes, textures and designs of haute couture with hair that
reflects the diverse looks and styles of leading fashion houses.

Ph: Desmond Murray
Make-Up: Jo Sugar
Stylist: Deanne Lewis


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