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BRODIE TSIKNARIS (AU) ❤️ ODETTE (5 photos) – New Hair Collection


ODETTE is inspired by the movie Black Swan, Growing up in the world of Ballet and performing arts inspired Brodies love for Hair and Hair texture.

It was inevitable that one day she would create a collection where she could merge her two lives together and here ODETTE was born.
The movie Black Swan uses characters in ways that are similar to their ballet counterparts. Yet, in some areas the similarities diverge.

Among other differences the collection like the move using the theme of deception, delusion, and mistaken identity to transform one’s personality through costume change, morphing characters of the ballet into one another identity very similar to what a cut and colour can do… Change ones identity… then comes Odette the famous white swan.

Using hair textures to play on the eye and create a mystery of what’s hair and what’s a feather, inspiration of soft knotts a take on Zulu knots, and head hugging hair replacing the traditional swan lake head peace. Hair that is so truely beautiful, intricate and mesmerising yet simple and clean Using both Ballerinas and Models to bring to life the different body shapes and characters of course all in white to bring to life ODETTE.

Hairdresser and Wardrobe: Brodie Tsiknaris @rokstarsalon
Ph: Bill Tsiknaris
MUA: Ru Blackwell



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