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Nov 162021 Gossip

Winter is nearly upon us, and I can’t quite believe we are nearing the end of 2021 and what has been an incredibly strange couple of years.

However, as we approach the winter months, our attention now turns to the trends which will be taking over our salons and be hugely popular with clients up and down the UK.

This season it’s all about textured hair and creating styles which reflect the individual.

Taking inspiration from the runways, celebrities and more recently, Netflix, this seasons hottest cuts are here to stay, and pay tribute to the creativity seen throughout our industry.

Winter Cut Trends❤️ F&M Hairdressing


A mash up of the mullet and the shag, this modern day cut is going to be massive in the salons, made popular by the new Netflix series – The Squid Games.

Squid Game Cut❤️

As suggested by the name, the wolf cut is very daring and WILD!

With lots of layers throughout the sides and the back and a heavy fringe to the front, this is one trend which will be around for a while.

When creating this look, the base cut should remain the same, with elevated sections being cut bluntly around the hair and throughout each section.

However, to give the client the individuality they require, adding in a side fringe or lighter fringe section can completely change up this look.

As well as this, the length can also be tailored to suit the requirements and lifestyle of the client – some may opt for longer, which is easier to style on a daily basis, where as others may opt for a shorter, more creative cut.


Trim Pixie Cut❤️

picture by Pinterest

Taking it right back to the bone, the trim pixie is a new spin on the much loved pixie cut, with a much more shorter and creative twist.

Taking the hair down extremely shorter around the back and front section, a longer length should be left around the ear, leaving a ‘grown out’ effect.

The fringe section should be cut in, to give the desired ‘choppy look‘.

Around the crown. A longer length should be left to allow for textured styling.

Again with this look, it can be tailored to the client and their individual preference.

A longer fringe section can be implemented and the length can be longer in certain sections to give a much more consumer focused style as opposed to a creative cut.


This is a style for those clients who perhaps aren’t quite ready for a drastic new style and who wish to slowly indulge in a more creative style.

Shaggy Shoulder Cut❤️

picture by The Right Hairstyles

The Shaggy Shoulder Cut, is just that, a shoulder cut filled with texture and volume with the length sitting just above the shoulder.

Giving the hair a one length blunt cut, sit the length just above the shoulder.

Next take sections throughout the hair and add a series of layers, creating the key texture which is required to make this look stand out from the rest.

A have middle parted fringe works well with this style and I would shape this into the front sections, to give a more natural blend.

Style with a wave throughout and your clients will have a creative cut, in a consumer like fashion.

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