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Feb 252021 Gossip

Crochet takes us back to traditional weaving techniques passed down from mothers to daughters for generations. To the wisdom of a world woven for centuries that is disappearing, though its legacy composed of craftsmanship, patience and respect for the natural rhythms of life help us design an improved reality thanks to those values.
The abrupt disappearance of this generation of older women, the last weavers, is also the sunset of a world that disappears before our eyes. That is why Anna Barroca pays tribute to them, with a collection that recovers this technique to place it at the dawn of the avant-garde.

Reality forces us to hide, to protect ourselves from others, with masks in an unfortunate carnival. However, in every tiny space, we find a place for freedom.
The face is a piece of crochet through which we breathe and, though it obscures our gaze, it does not prevent us from freeing ourselves through hair, our expansive force, which, with the richness of its fibers, is the fabric of the soul.

Tradition is a woven book that explains the world to us, and sometimes protects us from it. To understand it is to love it, and to love it, to preserve it.
Hair is transformed into a sensitive tissue, which lies in the chiaroscuros to survive, from where it whispers to us that in ambiguity is its true essence: I am everything I want to be.

In an essential cascade of words and sounds that come to me with the warmth of another time. With the natural beauty, pure and intact, of what is born of the hands. My scalp is covered with the rhythmic movements of the threads and from my head springs the vigor of what grew with the work of generations.

Hair: Anna Barroca
Hair Instagram @annabarroca
Photography: David Arnal
Photography Instagram @davidarnalteam
Make up: Anna González
Make up Instagram @iamlaflaca
Styling: Anna Barroca


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