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Feb 152021 Gossip

Alumina is an oxide that is found in nature in a pure or crystallized state and that is present in the ruby, the emerald, and the czar. Its hardly apparent resistance makes it precious. And that is the inspiration of this collection that vindicates the strength of what is born from the purest, which makes it possible to start again with more force. Alumina is an intangible ingredient that drives the emotion deposited in everything we do. It is present in the creation of a new and solid look towards a world that begins and flourishes.

Hair: Pilar Zaragozá y Leticia Martínez – EOS | MEN
Hair Instagram: @srta.pili_eos @srta_letii @eos__men
Photography: David Arnal 
Photography Instagram: @davidarnalteam
Styling: EOS MEN
Models: Alfredo, Alberto, Jorge, Oscar
Models Instagram: @aluster11, @albertoroig16, @1jorgegarcia, @oscarmiraditas


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