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Oct 262020 Gossip

The new style show held as a hybrid event (On site and Virtual), 1st COSME Week 2020 attracted significant attention from industry professionals and the exhibition came to a successful close


Under a situation where most exhibitions in 2020 have been postponed due to COVID-19 Show Management succeeded in organising the show safely by taking strict measures against COVID-19 requiring all exhibitors visitors
to wear a mask, taking body temperature with thermography devices at all the exhibition entrances, offering hand sanitizer at all the exhibition entrances, etc.

For this long awaited professional exhibition, both exhibitors and visitors seemed to be so excited, and as each show venue (on site virtual) was bustling with active business discussions, this new style of COSME Week is considered as an important exhibition to accelerate industry growth further.

The highlights of COSME Week [OSAKA] 2020

At COSME Week 2020 everything about beauty, such as cosmetics brands, beauty food, OEM, ingredients, etc gathered under one roof.

Made in Japan” – Stem cell containing” – “For a new life in times of COVID 19” products drew significant attention.
At COSME OSAKA for finished products, Made in Japan products with local ingredients like “hair care series enriched with ONSEN (hot spring) essence“, 100 pure Made in Japan CBD oils” received attention, especially from visitors around the world. The other exhibitors, expanding their market globally, with products containing human stem cells, also tremendous attention.


All kinds of cosmetics development solutions like OEM, Private Label, Packaging, Containers, Ingredients, Lab Devices, Testing, Sales & Marketing Tools etc.

Finished products like Skin Care, Makeup Products, Hair Care Products, Body Care Products, Natural/Organic Products, Spa Beauty, Beauty Equipment etc.

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