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The International VISIONARY AWARD has become an important part of the evening and each year the number of global applicants has increased. This year 35 finalists presented in 3 categories: Cut & Colour, Mens and Avante-Garde each showed 1 model. The intricacy and quality of the work shown was highly impressive and it was an almost impossible task for the panel of iconic judges to select.

Tony Rizzo and Anthony Mascolo presented the awards to:

1st – Pino Troncone
Runner Up – Marese Sweeney

1st – Lin Yi Siou
Runner-up – Joel McCauley

1st – Amanda Whittome
Runner-Up – Zhilinskiy Sergey


Il premio internazionale VISIONARY AWARD è ormai una parte consolidata dell’ Alternative Hair Show e cresce ogni anno il numero dei partecipanti provenienti da ogni parte del mondo. Quest’anno 35 finalisti si sono presentati sul palco, sfidandosi nelle 3 categorie, Cut & Colour, Mens e Avante-Garde. Acconciature elaborate e di altissimo livello hanno reso difficile il compito dei giudici.

Tony Rizzo e Anthony Mascolo hanno consegnato i premi a:

1° – Pino Troncone
2° – Marese Sweeney

1° – Lin Yi Siou
2° – Joel McCauley

1° – Amanda Whittome
2° – Zhilinskiy Sergey

Avant Garde: Ahkim Anthony Tan (Australia) – Ayhan Onluel (Turkey) – Amanda Whittome (Ireland) – Dallant Flint (USA) – Dylan Jack McConnachie (UK) – Tsai Chia Ming (Taiwan) – Shelly Pengilly (UK) – Yeh Li Wei (Taiwan) – Laura McLeod (Australia) – Emmanuel Estaban (UK) – Sylvestre Finold (UK) – Jonas Wixner (Sweden) – Miharu Kobayashi (Japan) – Damian Witkowski (Poland) – Nadia Semanic (Australia) – Hsieh Ching Shen (Taiwan) – Chika Isaji (Japan) – Zhlinskiy Sergey (Russia).

Cut and Colour: Marese Sweeney (Ireland) – Rafael Rubin (Tel Aviv) – Huseyin Alkan (Turkey) – Eba Stromblad (Sweden) – Nuru Perkins (UK) – Sayaka Mawatari (Japan) – Haus Lee (Taiwan) – Ashleigh Hodges (UK) – Karoliina Saunders (UK) – Pino Troncone (Italy) – Marta Robak (Poland) – Luigi Martini (Italy) – Metod Tasic (Slovenia) – Mirko Schioppa (Italy) – Paulina Truong (Canada) – Avram Golemechkov (Bulgaria).

Mens: Niall Bennett (Ireland) – Yuki Kano (Australia) – Ari Koponen (Sweden) – Carlos Valiate Esaiva (Spain) – Joel McCauley (UK) – Giovanni Napolitano (Italy) – Wilo Rojas (Italy) – Robert Briscolini (Italy) – Chi Tai Liu (Taiwan) – Lin Yi Siou (Taiwan) – Sal Misseri (USA) – Elias Habibson (Sweden) – Iva Nanchen (Switzerland) – Locher Jeremie (Switzerland) – Alessandro Santi (Italy).

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