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Aug 222016 Gossip


Although the Brexit brings some uncertainty, the indoor market is vibrant and businesses are creative, bringing fresh ideas, and reshaping standards.

At a round table bringing testimonials from the brand, retail and manufacturing side, we will bring you insights into the world of make-up in the United Kingdom, and draw the trends in textures, formulas, packaging of this vibrant market.

British consumers are eager to try on new products and test out new trends. Remember: the “big brows” trend came from England. Young consumers, although driven by price, are open to novelties and with the boom of Beauty bloggers, every single girl has a chance to share her opinion and shape the future. “It’s all about social media. Nowadays niche brands also have the possibility to express themselves via this digital space, and new opportunities arise” confirms Emily Maben, Marketing Manager at Sleek MakeUp, the fastest growing make-up brand in the UK.

UK, the leading consumer market in Europe
Premium brands as well as mass market brand are taking a step forward. Covent Garden, in Central London has become THE Beauty Quarter… the new rendezvous for make-up. Every brand is trying out its new beauty concept store. It started with the opening of Chanel – Fragrance and Make-up (since 2012 as a pop-up store initially – now a permanent shop), then Burberry Beauty Box (since 2013), Dior Beauty Boutique (since 2013), Urban Decay (first UK store, since 2014), Clinique (since 2014) Bobbi Brown Studio (since 2014), Kiko (since end 2015), Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Boudoir (first worldwide store, since end 2015), 3ina (first worldwide store, since February 2016), Nars (since June 2016).

This Beauty Quarter testifies of the dynamism of the British colour cosmetics market, which is the 1st in Europe representing a value of 2.088 billion euros.

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